WWE 2018 Elimination Chamber Predictions

The Road to Wrestlemania continues this weekend with the Elimination Chamber. I'm kind of excited to watch my first one of these live because this (like Money in the Bank) wasn't a stipulation when I used to watch wrestling in my youth. So yay for getting a Men's and Women's version. Let's make some predictions!

Women's Elimination Chamber Match

I'm trying to think about what will be the most interesting stories going into Wrestlemania. Asuka is a lock so it's just a matter of who she's going to face. The rumor seems to be that she'll actually face off against Charlotte on Smackdown which could leave this Raw division wide open. They don't seem to really have any interest in pushing the Absolution team with Paige's injury killing the faction's momentum so I think those two are out. Mickie James could conceivably get a last run with the belt but I imagine they're just setting up her temporary alliance with Alexa for another inevitable betrayal. So that leaves us with Alexa, Bayley, and Sasha Banks. And I think maybe Sasha makes her heel turn here against Bayley and sets up a Wrestlemania feud for those two but Alexa sneaks away with the win.

Asuka vs. Nia Jax

I don't actually think this will happen because Asuka's streak has been so built up but here's how I would book it so I'm gonna make this my prediction too. Alexa Bliss vs. Nia Jax at Wrestlemania is the story they've planted seeds on all year and the stipulation here is that if Nia wins, she's in the Women's title match at Wrestlemania. Asuka never officially declared for the Raw Women's Title so I think you have Nia win here to set up (along with Bliss retaining above) Jax vs. Bliss at Wrestlemania. Asuka has to lose sometime so let it be here to finally get Nia a push for the belt. That also allows Asuka to finally declare that she actually wants to face off against Charlotte for the Smackdown Women's belt. And because Asuka will have finally lost, there is actually stakes in the Charlotte vs. Asuka match and Asuka keeping her undefeated streak and winning isn't just a foregone conclusion.

Again, I don't think they'll do this. I expect Asuka to win here anyway and keep the streak going until at least Wrestlemania but that's boring so I'm going to predict Nia, even if it means I'm just going to owe Cameron another meal at Portillo's.

Also, not a prediction for the overall score or anything but I predict the Ronda Rousey's signing is going to have her attack Stephanie (with Kurt as an onlooker) and set up for a match between Steph/Triple H and Rousey/Angle, paying off their scuffle at Survivor Series.

"Woken" Matt Hardy vs. Bray Wyatt

Well, Bray won clean at the 25th Anniversary Raw show so I'm going to assume that Brother Nero Jeff makes his return here (he was at the 25th Anniversary show but moreso as a treat for the poor crowd at the Manhattan Center. Anyway, with Brother Nero's help, I think Matt will take the win here and set up for some kind of Final Deletion/House of Horrors match at Wrestlemania.

Tag Team Match???

There's nothing official on the card yet but I feel like they're gonna do something with Sheamus and Cesaro, right? Or some kind of tag match pre-show between the Revival and Balor Club, maybe? I don't know. If something gets announced by Sunday, I'll add in another prediction but the card overall seems pretty light.

7-Man Elimination Chamber

I mean, Roman's winning, right? Roman vs. Lesnar at Wrestlemania has been the plan all year so Roman'll take it here. Plus he was the first man eliminated in Monday's Gauntlet match so I've got to imagination that was to keep him rested here. Maybe this'll be an hour-plus long epic and have Reigns start off against the Miz and last the whole bout. I don't think it'll win the crowd over to him but it would at least make it believable that he would be the guy to beat Lesnar. The real question becomes how will they handle pinning Strowman. I imagine he'll pin the Miz early (to set up an Intercontinental title match between Strowman and the Miz at Mania) and then other competitors will team up to dogpile him and keep him down.

But yeah, Roman is walking away with this one.

So there you have the predictions that will lead to me owing Cameron Portillo's at Fastlane. Wooooo!