Five Great Season Six Episodes of The Office - TV Thursday

Late last year, I started running through some of my favorite episodes of The Office, season by season. But since I only made it to Season Five, I thought maybe I'd come back to that series. So here are five great episodes from season six.

1. Niagara: Parts 1 and 2

office niagara.jpeg

Pam and Jim's wedding is filled with wonderful Office moments. From Jim being the one to accidentally announce Pam's pregnancy to the shame of Pam's Meemaw. But he turns it all around with perfect moment after perfect moment: immediately cutting off part of his own tie when Pam's veil tears, their secret "Plan C" wedding aboard the Maid of the Mist ferry, and the very of-the-times recreation of a viral wedding dance video with all of their family and friends. I can always watch this episode and dream of my own romantic happily ever after.

2. Double Date

office double date.jpg

One of the hilarious subplots following Jim and Pam's wedding was the revelation that Pam's mother Helene and Michael hit it off and started dating, against Pam's strong wishes. But eventually she saw how happy he made her mom and moved past it, culminating in this episode's titular double date between Jim and Pam and Michael and Helene. And of course it goes just as you would expect when Michael learns that Helene is celebrating her 58th birthday and he breaks up with her. Further enraged, Pam makes Michael's life hell at work until he offers that she hit him to feel better. She agrees and the whole office waits for it after work. But that wouldn't be Michael's most cringeworthy episode this season. That honor goes to...

3. Scott's Tots

office scotts tots.jpg

Up there with Dinner Party as one of The Office's most uncomfortable episodes ever. Years ago, the ever-naive Michael Scott promised to pay for a classroom's college tuition if they did well in school and now the students, dubbed Scott's Tots, are preparing for college and so excited that Michael is making their dreams come true. There is a pitch-perfect scene with all of the students celebrating Michael and telling him how they turned their lives around because of his generosity. Of course, Michael can't follow through on his promise and is only able to offer them lithium computer batteries as a poor consolation. It is easily the worst thing Michael Scott ever did on the show and it's always uncomfortable to watch, in the best possible way.

4. The Delivery: Parts 1 and 2

office delivery.png

Another Jim and Pam-centric two-parter, The Delivery centers around the birth of baby Cecelia. The episode begins with an absurdly stubborn Pam refusing to go to the hospital, despite her increasingly frequent labor contractions. Their health plan only covers one day in the hospital so Pam is going to delay it as much as possible. Eventually, they make it though and baby Cece is born. But then Pam has difficulty getting her to breastfeed and starts panicking. Finally, it happens in the middle of the night but they almost immediately realize that it's not Cece but instead the roommates' baby. Actual Cece finally latches as Pam and Jim sit on a bench after leaving the hospital and they realize their going to be okay.

5. Happy Hour

office happy hour.jpg

The office's Happy Hour comes about when Oscar organizes it as a ploy to flirt with one of the warehouse guys. Pam is excited because it's her first chance to be around adults since Cece was born. Pam even brings a friend along in an attempt to set her up with Michael. Everything is going surprisingly well and Julie and Michael are really hitting it off...until Michael realizes they were setting him up. At that point he turns on his "Date Mike" persona and becomes unbearable. It's another example of Michael getting in his own way, but it weirdly works out for him as he does wind up hitting it off with the bar's manager.