Wrestling Wednesday for Jan. 10, 2018

With this being one of those rare episodes where I'm not predicting a Pay-Per-View or running through the results of one, let's just look at a few cool things happening on each show.


The Balor Club. Finn Balor has been one of my favorites since coming back to wrestling. He's got great charisma and athleticism that make me excited every time he steps into the ring. And having heard about all the Bullet Club, I like that he's being paired up with Gallows and Anderson for this new potential push. Here's hoping the WWE actually lets it lead to something.

Braun Strowman. Every time they give Braun a really cool spot like pulling down a lighting rig onto Kane and Lesnar, I get annoyed because they already jobbed him out to a single F5 from Lesnar so they aren't going to pull the trigger on making him the champion until the inevitable showdown between Lesnar and Reigns at Wrestlemania.

Jason Jordan's Latest Push. Well the whole idea of Jordan as Angle's son reeks of one of those terrible Vince McMahon ideas that he's too stubborn to walk away from. But with an unexpected injury from Dean Ambrose sidelining the Shield reunion angle, he's been given the rule of the young out of his depth rookie getting in the way of the big boys. And he's playing the role fine but it leaves me wondering how long Rollins and Reigns will put up with it. Presumably it will somehow cost Reigns his Intercontinental Title in a rematch against The Miz, right?


The United States Title Tournament. I would absolutely love to see Xavier Woods win at the end of this tournament but I imagine he'll be sacrificed to Jinder on his way down from the absurd WWE Championship push he got in 2017 so he can basically just do his version of the heelish foreigner as the US Champ that Kevin Owens was doing last year.

Rise of the Bludgeon Brothers. So the push that the Bludgeon Brothers are getting seems to be an interesting one. They're basically being presented as unstoppable forces of nature, plowing through jobbers, Breezango, and the Ascension. So what's the end game here? Will they finally be shut down against the likes of the New Day, The Usos, etc.? Or are they being set up strong so that another team has to come in and take them down? Maybe one of the NXT teams like SAnitY? Or perhaps the rumored War Machine team coming in from the indies? I guess time will tell.

The Yup Movement. Well this has been a little ball of fun. Longtime friends Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn have reunited to be a thorn in Shane McMahon's side (with a little bit of help from Daniel Bryan). They're upcoming handicap match against AJ Styles has me a little intrigued. Originally, I thought, "oh interesting, they'll probably end up fighting one another for who gets the pin over Styles to become champ allowing AJ to actually pull off the victory." But now they're pitching it as though either of them winning means they'll share the WWE Championship, which seems really weird. Either way, I'm interested to see how this match shakes out at the Royal Rumble.