Stardew Valley Updates to Include Multiplayer and Console Ports

In a new update, Eric Barone (aka ConcernedApe) - the one-man developer behind Stardew Valley - detailed his upcoming plans for the surprise hit.

With Version 1.1, he intends to add in features including co-op multiplayer, non-English localizations, and ports of the game for Mac, Linux, and consoles. Merchandising options also seem to be in the works, though no additional details were provided.

Publisher Chucklefish will handle the technical aspects of the multiplayer mode, localizations, and ports, allowing Barone the time to focus on content updates. Planned updates for the game include new marriage candidates, additional scenes with townspeople and spouses, more farm buildings, crops, and artisan goods, and added late-game content.

No timelines have been given but Barone did confirm "that multiplayer, porting and localization are actively being worked on."