Favorite Games List - Xbox

I graduated high school in May 2003, about a year and a half into the life cycle of the original Xbox. As evidenced by the multitude of games I wrote about on the PlayStation 2 side of the new console war, I was very much a PS2 guy. I don't know that I ever would have bought an Xbox myself as I was making the transition from high school student to starving college student during this generation. But every year, in an effort to curb kids going out and drinking and driving after graduation, my school put on an event called Project Graduation, where the students were all bussed to a location for an overnight party/lock-in. Mine was at a local mini-theme park called Castles and Coasters in Phoenix.

In addition to having mostly free reign over the place all night, the school also had a raffle where everyone got 25 raffle tickets and you could distribute your tickets among the prizes. The top prize was a flat screen TV from what I remember and, of course, also had the lowest odds of winning since most people put their tickets toward that. I took a more strategic approach, putting a few of my tickets toward a $50 Best Buy gift card and the rest toward an Xbox Burnout Bundle. They announced each prize winner one by one. When I won the Best Buy gift card I figured my luck had come in. Then I won the Xbox and they said only one prize per winner so I gladly took the Xbox and let some other person take the gift card. I wasn't really a car game guy so I wound up returning the copy of Burnout and swapped it out for my first entry on the list.

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