Bastion Review

When Bastion was first published on the Xbox Live Arcade, I didn't own an Xbox 360 so I missed out. When it launched on PlayStation 4 last April I picked it up because word of mouth on the game had been pretty solid. But that was right around the time Catherine and I started dating so I never ended up playing it. So when it was made available for Vita at PlayStation Experience, I took advantage of the Cross-Buy functionality and downloaded it.

Right away, it was obvious that this game shared a lot of the same DNA as Supergiant Games' other title Transistor. While Transistor's combat allows for a little more strategy compared to Bastion's hack-and-slash/run-and-gun approach, it was immediately apparent to me how Transistor had built upon the groundwork laid out here in Bastion.

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Looking Back at my Best of 2014 List

As I begin compiling ranking the games I played in 2015, I thought I'd look back on my top games of 2014. Fortunately, I'd already compiled that list back when Trevor Trove was just a think I called my old blog, before I ever even considered making this website. Here's what I wrote on my Favorite Games of 2014... and some commentary from the perspective of 2015 Trevor.

Overall, despite a lot of games being released in serious need of some patching, I thought 2014 was a pretty solid year for games. This list is only focusing on the games I played through (hence the lack of any Wii U games). So here are my personal favorites.

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