More Games I Didn't Get To This Year - Nintendo Edition

Yesterday, I highlighted 5 games that I won't be considering for my personal Game of the Year. I have about 30 total games on this list of big "Game of the Year"-caliber games or games that I purchased and just never got around to playing. So I'll be touching on a few more of those games before diving into the actual Game of the Year talk.

I finally picked up a Wii U this year to complete my collection of this generation of consoles. With my girlfriend Catherine somewhat interested in gaming, the Nintendo console and it's library of family-friendly, couch co-op games made for a welcome addition for when Cat and I would host our friends at our new place. That said, this is the all-Nintendo edition of games I never really got around to playing in 2015, as we spent a lot of time with games of yesteryear instead.

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