Favorite Games List - Nintendo 64 (Part One)

The N64 was the go-to system for me and my friends to play in middle school. Despite the Super Nintendo having adapters for 4-player gaming, the N64 was where we all first really got into it. I have so many fond memories of my group of friends all hanging out at one of our houses and spending hours in front of our TVs, the sometimes already small screens feeling even smaller split four-ways. My system was hooked up to our big screen in the game room so it was an ideal place to play but I also remember hanging out at the houses of my friends Luke, Bryan, and Ethan regularly. Up to six or seven of us were nearly inseparable during those years so we'd all hang out (bringing extra controllers when we needed to so we were never the guy stuck with the MadCatz controller) and have our own little tournaments. It's really the only system I ever got real heavy into multiplayer games. But I couldn't spend every waking moment with them so I still had plenty of great single-player experiences as well.

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