Game Awards and PlayStation Experience Predictions

As #TrevorTrovember  (my project to write an entry a day on my site here during the month of November) comes to a close, I wanted to do something special. So in addition to the written content I usually produce, I put together a video version of this article as well. Here are my predictions on who will win at The Game Awards Thursday, as well as five predictions for the PlayStation Experience Keynote this Saturday at 10AM PT. Check the link for the full list of nominees and categories. I don't follow the eSports scene so I wouldn't be speaking about those categories with any authority and I haven't seen any of the content up for Best Fan Creation so I left these categories out. I haven't played a lot of the other games nominated in some of the categories (Multiplayer and Shooter for example) but I'm in tune enough with the industry that I still felt equipped to address them.

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