Gaming Christmas Haul

This post is a bit of a follow-up to the one I wrote last week about notable Christmas Gaming Memories. Because Catherine and I spent Christmas in Seattle with her family, we actually had several mini-Christmas celebrations, finishing today.

  1. December 22 - The night before Cat and I flew out to Seattle, we exchanged gifts with one another. There was no point in taking them to and from Seattle with us and we didn't want to wait until we got home.
  2. December 25 - Christmas with Catherine's family in Seattle. Meanwhile, my family celebrated in Phoenix opening all of their presents sans the ones from Catherine and myself.
  3. December 27 - My mother surprised Catherine and I by putting some of our presents from my family under our tree while we were in Seattle so we had a mini-celebration upon returning home from our trip.
  4. January 1 - Due to various work schedules and New Year's Eve plans, we weren't able to have the celebration with my full family until today. We all met at my parents house and Cat and I gave out and received our gifts with my family.

In addition to the awesome Xbox press bag that Catherine's brother Keith got me last week, my family delivered on some high quality gaming loot this year as well! Pictures are below! I hope everyone had a great holiday! Have a great 2016!

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More Games I Didn't Get To This Year - Nintendo Edition

Yesterday, I highlighted 5 games that I won't be considering for my personal Game of the Year. I have about 30 total games on this list of big "Game of the Year"-caliber games or games that I purchased and just never got around to playing. So I'll be touching on a few more of those games before diving into the actual Game of the Year talk.

I finally picked up a Wii U this year to complete my collection of this generation of consoles. With my girlfriend Catherine somewhat interested in gaming, the Nintendo console and it's library of family-friendly, couch co-op games made for a welcome addition for when Cat and I would host our friends at our new place. That said, this is the all-Nintendo edition of games I never really got around to playing in 2015, as we spent a lot of time with games of yesteryear instead.

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