Most Anticipated Games of 2015 vs. 2016

I didn't have a formal write-up of my most anticipated games but I did have a (now-hidden) video on my most anticipated games of 2015. So I'm going to two-for-one post today: how did my Most Anticipated Games of 2015 stack up to reality and what are my Most Anticipated Games of 2016.

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PlayStation Experience - The Games I Played

As I did last year, I'm dedicating a blog post to the Games I played at this year's PlayStation Experience. One of things that certainly hovered over this year's show that I didn't touch on in my earlier posts was the fact that this year's event was much bigger than last year's. Not that last year's event was small per se but this year there were more booths, more games, and a LOT more people, which meant more lines. So some of the big things I might have been interested in tackling (Far Cry Primal for example) were passed over in because I didn't want to wait in the line. Firewatch was another example. At 3pm on Sunday, I was told I might get to the demo before they kicked everyone out at 6pm so I decided to leave and go exploring elsewhere instead; too few setups (two to be exact) and apparently way too long of a demo because there were probably only about 20 people in the line at the time.

But enough about the games I didn't play. Let's run through what I did sit down with.

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