Potential New Project

I've been toying around with a potential new project for a couple months now. In the spirit of my Bloodborne Extra Life stream from a couple years ago, I'm thinking of returning to streaming games that will make me suffer like Bloodborne, Dark Souls, Crash Bandicoot, and Cuphead. No firm commitments or details on when I might attempt this madness but I wanted to float it out there.

Games That Didn't Click Round-up Q1 2016

In order to leave myself better prepared for eventual year-end awards and such, I've been keeping a running tally of all the games I've played this year. March isn't done yet and I'm already up to 28 titles. I've beaten and/or gotten 100% of the Trophies/Achievements on 15 of these games. And while I plan to get back to some of them, here are five games that probably won't get too much more playtime from me and why.

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PlayStation Store's Launch Party

Earlier today, the PlayStation Blog announced the lineup for their annual Spring Indie/Digital game sales event. Rebranding it "Launch Party" from "Spring Fever," this year is focusing on six titles released at a discount on their PlayStation launch date. As previous year's sales also highlighted new titles, I'm guessing the decision to rebrand is focusing more on the launch component. The sale has shifted slightly from years past. In previous years, a game was on sale for the entirety of it's release week. This year's sale seems to be encouraging pre-ordering for the discount instead.

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