Pokemon Direct Recap

Well that was disappointing...

A roughly six-minute video to announce a new pair of games Pokemon Sun and Moon as previously rumored (with nothing to show but a bit of off-screen designer work) and the fact that the Virtual Shop re-releases of RedBlue, and Yellow will be able to connect to the Pokemon Bank to bring Gen-1 Pokemon to the modern era.

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What Would Bring Me Back to Pokemon?

With the rumors swirling of a new pair of Pokemon games being announced in tomorrow's Pokemon-centric Nintendo Direct, I spent some time thinking about what it would take to bring me back to the Pokemon franchise. As I touched on back on my Favorite Games of the Game Boy piece, I've been a fan of the series since the beginning. Or at least I was. I have every game in the core series prior to X and Y. When I finally got myself a 3DS, I only bothered picking up Pokemon X. I don't remember ever finishing Black 2/White 2 and I'm pretty sure that even though I picked up Heart Gold/Soul Silver, I barely played them. Similarly, I probably didn't put more than an hour into Pokemon X. When Alpha Ruby/Omega Sapphire came out, I skipped them all together.

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Favorite Games List - Game Boy

My sister Jamie and I shared one of those really old heavy off-white ones to start but eventually our parents let us each have our own. And while I remember playing many hours of games like Bubble BobbleKirby's Pinball Land, and Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins (and just had to move them to a different shelf as my dog Elphie gets bigger and more curious), I don't really have any compelling memories/stories about them so they get a mention here before moving on. I'd also cover the hours upon hours of Tetris, but I mentioned that in the previous chapter.

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