PSN December & Year-End Sales

Following up on the NPD numbers that came out last week, the PlayStation blog has revealed their best selling digital games from December and all of 2015. So I've gathered the Top 10s from PS4, PS3, PS Vita, and PS Classics for both categories and I'll throw in some of my typical analysis.

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Mega Man Legacy Collection Review

As much as gamers can complain these days about how "broken" games are when they're released - Assassin's Creed UnityHalo Master Chief Collection, and Battlefield 4 come to mind - people seem to forget that games like Mega Man shipped broken nearly 30 years ago.

Is it playable? Absolutely. Just like Assassin's Creed UnityHalo Master Chief Collection, and Battlefield 4 were. Buggy as all hell, but playable, nonetheless. What I find fascinating is that the Mega Man Legacy Collection intentionally preserves its glitches and is championed. If this were the first time these games were being released, they would be torn to shreds for the frequent slow down, screen flicker, and unresponsive controls. But as a collection honoring the iconic Blue Bomber, the game instead receives praise. I don't have a problem with this mentality, but it does suggests the weight of nostalgia might be higher than people are willing to acknowledge.

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