Favorite Video Games - PlayStation (Part Three)

We've come to the final chapter of my Favorite Games on the original PlayStation. As you may have inferred from Parts One and Two (and the games listed in this iteration), the original PlayStation was very much my RPG-console. As a result, many classics of the system like Crash BandicootPaRappa the RapperMetal Gear Solid, and Castlevania: Symphony of the Night never made it into my system (though I did finally play Castlevania on my Vita last year for the Kinda Funny Book Club). So these games not appearing isn't a condemnation on them, I was just not fully in the PlayStation eco-system back then.

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Favorite Video Games - PlayStation (Part Two)

I touched on two of my favorite PlayStation games last night so let's dive into some more, shall we?

Dragon Warrior VII - As I touched upon in my Nintendo and Game Boy segments, the Dragon Quest/Dragon Warrior games hold a special place in my heart just as the Final Fantasy series does. Much like the running theme in my top games of 2015 was 100+ hour experiences, Dragon Warrior VII fit that same description when I was first playing it 15 years ago. While the Final Fantasy games on the original PlayStation embraced the new technology and focused on 3D graphics, Dragon Warrior VII instead kept the series 2D sprites intact and poured the resources into an incredibly dense main campaign. Despite pouring over 100 hours into the game on at least two separate occasions, I still never completed the main story.

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Favorite Video Games - PlayStation (Part One)

My first experiences with the PlayStation were playing it somewhere other than my own home. By this point, my family was firmly in the Nintendo camp with the NintendoSuper Nintendo, and Game Boy so it took awhile to introduce another system into the house after the lackluster experiences with Sega. The timing of nearly 20 years ago is fuzzy but we probably even got the Nintendo 64 before the PlayStation, despite the PlayStation being on the market a year earlier. This was still a time when my father typically waited until he found a system at a garage sale or at the Swap Mart he worked at on the weekends. So my first introductions to the system were playing at my best friend's house or even at the house of my church's youth pastor. I don't remember really anything else about him except that  it was thanks to him that I was able to get my first exposure to...

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Kojima, Konami, and 2015's Most Interesting Story in Gaming

Having never been a Metal Gear Solid fan until the latest game (and I don't know that I would even now consider myself a fan of the series so much as that singular entry), I never thought I would be as fascinated as I have been with the public relations nightmare that has been going on between Hideo Kojima and Konami this year. It will no doubt still be many years before most of the real story comes to light, most likely due to a combination of non-disclosure agreements as well as the culture Kojima-san and Konami primarily exist in where hard work and keeping matters private takes precedence over making waves and personal or professional attacks. But if an intrepid journalist is ever able to get a fraction of that story on the record, it will no doubt be one hell of a read.

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How PlayStation Experience Changed My Life

In July 2014, I started what I considered to be my first really "adult" job. I'd been a salaried employee for a couple companies in the years prior but they were entry-level positions (or at least entry-level pay). This new job doubled my salary so I found myself with far more disposable income than I was accustomed to spending.

Fast forward a couple months to when PlayStation announces this PlayStation Experience convention, a two-day event specifically for their fans. For years, I had wanted to attend conventions like E3 or PAX but never had the means to do so. But this convention was going to be in Las Vegas? "That's only a five-hour drive from Phoenix," I thought. So I treated myself to a weekend getaway to see what this new thing was actually going to be about.

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