Looking back on 30

Today I turned 31.

I am humbled and deeply grateful for all of the messages and well wishes I have received to mark this occasion. One of the most incredible realizations as I've watched the notifications tick in throughout the day is that there is an incredible number of "Happy birthday!" messages from people I've either never actually met and/or didn't know a year ago.

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PAX South - The Games

Ok, so up front, I didn't actually go hands-on with any games on the show floor at PAX South. I was very much content wandering the hall and watching as others played rather than wait in the lines to play anything myself. That said, these are the games that looked really intriguing and cool to me so I'll be keeping an eye out on them and would encourage you to do the same.

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PAX South - Day Three

My third day at PAX South started off with a three-hour volunteer stint for TakeThis.org. If you don't know, Take This is a non-profit organization focused on educating people about mental health issues and trying to reduce the stigma associated with mental health. They run the AFK Room at every PAX event where people who might need a break from the crowds can just go relax. Sean and I got hooked up with them through some IGN friends and Sean managed to rustle up the troops so we were basically half of their volunteer force over the weekend. While the rest of the gang helped out Friday, today was my turn. They're a really great organization. I'm definitely going to try to help them out at future events.

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PAX South - Day Two

I got in!

I won't name my co-conspirators or our methodolgy (because snitches get stitches or whatever), but I was able to get into the show today.

Do I feel bad about it? Absolutely!

Buuuuut, I'm also the reason five of six of these people are even here in the first place so karmically, maybe the money I brought in through them makes up for the fact that PAX's system is so screwy that I couldn't buy a Saturday pass from anybody but scalpers.

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PAX South - Day One

So here's the thing...

Last night, a particular knerd who shall remain nameless insisted on cranking up the air conditioning in the room. And with six roommates, we had a minor shortage of blankets and pillows. So combining those factors meant I woke up after about an hour's sleep freezing on the floor, with the air blowing right on me. Eventually, I made my way over the other guys asleep on the floor (who managed to at least still the thin unused comforters off the two beds before I could) and turned off the thermostat. But the damage was pretty much done. I tossed and turned all night, getting very little sleep.

So I spent most of my first day at my first PAX back in my hotel room catching up on some much needed sleep while the rest of the gang was out and about.

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PAX South - Day Zero

Hello from San Antonio!

For the next few days, I'll be writing about my experience from PAX South. For those who missed the turn of events that led up to this trip, you can catch up here.

So today was day zero. I never wound up getting a Media Badge. I didn't really expect I would as I have a minimal audience (thanks though), but I figured PAX South would be my best opportunity of scoring one. And by the time I heard back, Saturday passes were sold out. So currently I only have passes for Friday and Sunday. But I'm hopeful I can swing something for Saturday.

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PAX, Here I Come!

Well, that just happened...

Earlier this week I looked into the schedule for PAX South and started considering attending as the first show TrevorTrove.com would cover. I know it's still young as the newest PAX so I figured that chances of me getting a Media pass to attend were probably the best here. I figured I'd take some more time this weekend to research the convention and the cost of attending. Then I strolled into Sean PittsTwitch Stream and asked a harmless question...

"Hey Sean, any interest in going to San Antonio at the end of the month for PAX South?"

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