Looking back on 30

Today I turned 31.

I am humbled and deeply grateful for all of the messages and well wishes I have received to mark this occasion. One of the most incredible realizations as I've watched the notifications tick in throughout the day is that there is an incredible number of "Happy birthday!" messages from people I've either never actually met and/or didn't know a year ago.

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PAX South - Day Zero

Hello from San Antonio!

For the next few days, I'll be writing about my experience from PAX South. For those who missed the turn of events that led up to this trip, you can catch up here.

So today was day zero. I never wound up getting a Media Badge. I didn't really expect I would as I have a minimal audience (thanks though), but I figured PAX South would be my best opportunity of scoring one. And by the time I heard back, Saturday passes were sold out. So currently I only have passes for Friday and Sunday. But I'm hopeful I can swing something for Saturday.

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