Favorite Games List - Nintendo Entertainment System

Many of my earliest memories of my family involve us sitting around our giant Game Room television and playing our family Nintendo Entertainment System (my dad, sister, and I would take turns playing while my mom would watch). We probably didn't get one until 1989 or 1990, but both the NES and I are products of 1985 (not counting the Famicom's 1983 Japanese release), so I have always felt a connection to Nintendo and this system began my 20-plus year relationship with the company. Save the Virtual Boy, I've owned every major Nintendo console or handheld. Not included below but an honorable mention: the Game Genie. Yes, it was cheating but how else were we supposed to get through Battletoads or the seaweed level in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?! Game designers used to be way bigger dicks to kids and the Game Genie was sometimes the only lifeline. Plus you only got 3 codes so you couldn't cheat that much. (And I actually did beat both of those games without the Game Genie but they were still fucking hard as hell). Anyway, on to the games that did make my list.

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