January NPD Sales Numbers

I may or may not have cut my Favorite Games of the PlayStation 2 series short last night to spend some time focusing on the NPD numbers. Because I may or may not be a huge sales/data nerd. As 2015 ended, I made the following predictions for January 2016:

With January relatively light on new blockbuster releases, I imagine people will continue spending their money of most of the December list. In fact it wouldn't surprise me if the list looked more or less the same next month. LEGO Marvel's Avengers might just barely crack the list when it launches January 26th, probably taking Rainbow Six's spot on the list but I it might also hit so late that it'll make the February chart instead. We'll see next month.

So how'd I do?

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November Gaming Sales Numbers

As a nerdy, analytical video games enthusiast, some of my (weirdly) favorite days every month are the days when PlayStation reveals their monthly charts of which games sold best on the PlayStation Network and when the NPD Group releases the monthly list of top-selling physical copies of games. Admittedly, the NPD Group numbers seem to be slightly less relevant every month as they don't count hardware bundles or, more notably, the ever-growing number of digital sales. Still, these two reports tend to be our best tools for analyzing sales in the industry. So imagine my surprise when the PlayStation blog and NPD figures were revealed on the same day.

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