Kojima, Konami, and 2015's Most Interesting Story in Gaming

Having never been a Metal Gear Solid fan until the latest game (and I don't know that I would even now consider myself a fan of the series so much as that singular entry), I never thought I would be as fascinated as I have been with the public relations nightmare that has been going on between Hideo Kojima and Konami this year. It will no doubt still be many years before most of the real story comes to light, most likely due to a combination of non-disclosure agreements as well as the culture Kojima-san and Konami primarily exist in where hard work and keeping matters private takes precedence over making waves and personal or professional attacks. But if an intrepid journalist is ever able to get a fraction of that story on the record, it will no doubt be one hell of a read.

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Freeing Myself from the MGSV Cycle

My Metal Gear Solid-induced hiatus has gone on long enough and, while I still find the gameplay enjoyable, I need to get back to experiencing other content, as well as produce some of my own. Because scouting outposts and then slowly tranquilizing soldiers one at a time does not make for particularly captivating viewing, Catherine hasn't been too keen to sit with me as I play it. She thought The Witcher was "way more fun to watch" than this one. So maybe I'll dive back into that game with her for awhile until the my next big time sink - Fallout 4 - comes out next month. I've also got The Nathan Drake Collection and some smaller titles to dive into this month.

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My Introduction to Metal Gear Solid

Metal Gear Solid has always been a franchise I've looked at as an outsider. I remember hearing great things about Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty and trying it out back on the PlayStation 2. But at the time, I wasn't interested in stealth gaming. I played through the first tanker level but stopped playing there (which no knowledge of who Snake was, the transition to Raiden after that prologue had no significance to me). All I really remember about it was not liking how the controls felt and finding it too slow-paced. 

After than introduction to the series, I never really felt the need to come back to it. My sister even got me one of the HD re-release collections on PlayStation 3. And, during a lull in my gaming calendar, I tried Metal Gear Solid 2 again. And again, stopped after the tanker section. The game just wasn't what I was interested in playing. Eventually, the series' story seems insurmountably dense to get through so I just figured it would forever be a hole in my gaming catalog.

But then the gameplay and reviews for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain just looked too damn tempting. And while I absolutely understand that reviews calling the story lacking hit Metal Gear fans hard, that was exactly what I needed to hear to give the series another shot. 

And 64 hours in and 25 missions down and I'm so very glad I did.

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