PAX South - Day One

So here's the thing...

Last night, a particular knerd who shall remain nameless insisted on cranking up the air conditioning in the room. And with six roommates, we had a minor shortage of blankets and pillows. So combining those factors meant I woke up after about an hour's sleep freezing on the floor, with the air blowing right on me. Eventually, I made my way over the other guys asleep on the floor (who managed to at least still the thin unused comforters off the two beds before I could) and turned off the thermostat. But the damage was pretty much done. I tossed and turned all night, getting very little sleep.

So I spent most of my first day at my first PAX back in my hotel room catching up on some much needed sleep while the rest of the gang was out and about.

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Fallout 4 Limited Edition Loot Crate

On September 23, 2015, I, alongside many others, rushed into the Loot Crate Vault to try and nab one of the Limited Edition Fallout-themed Loot Crates. After multiple attempts receiving errors on their page despite my credit card showing the pending charge, I thought "oh crap, I only wanted the one. I hope I didn't just get charged six or seven times." So I opened a help ticket to try and find out A) if I actually managed to nab one and B) if all of the additional charges could be reversed.

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