Favorite Games List - JVC X'Eye (Sega CD)

When I first saw this thing at the bottom of one of these boxes, I thought, "that's weird? Did my parents accidentally put one of their old CD players in here?" Then I saw the Sega CD cases and it all started flooding back to me. Well, not really. It sparked a few memories that at least were enough to connect the dots between the two. Then I wondered why this thing didn't have the Sega brand on it. That's obviously not something I cared about as a kid: it played the Sega CD games, that's all that mattered. But as an adult looking back, I was confused. Then I remembered that this was during a time when a lot of electronics companies were partnering up to try and break into the industry. Here, we had Sega partnering with JVC but more famously, Nintendo partnered with Sony on the CD-i, but then instead switched to working with Phillips on the project. The Phillip CD-i wound up a bust, but Sony transitioned their investment into the original PlayStation, shaking up the console market for good.

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