The Games That Helped Me Through Heartbreak

A little over a month ago, my world was thrown for a loop when my girlfriend sat me down to tell me she wanted to break up. It completely blind-sided me and took its toll on me emotionally. Because we were living together, it affected other parts of my life too. Due to the nature of the breakup, we still had to live together for a bit while we got situated in our new lives apart from one another. In the meantime, I threw myself even more into video games and maintaining my daily writing here. Recently, I came to the realization that a lot of the games I’ve played in the last month or so have been instrumental in helping me through this breakup. Here’s are some of the games I’ve played and how they’ve helped.

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Life is Strange Full Review

As I have spent a lot of 2016 so far catching up on older games, I've been floating the idea of expanding my Game of the Year coverage this year to include a whole segment on the Best Non-2016 Games I Played in 2016. Not only has Life is Strange affirmed the idea with me, it's likely a front-runner for the category. If you're interested in my Episodic Reviews of the game, check out the links below. Otherwise, read on for my thoughts on the piece as a whole. As always, minor spoilers on the story ahead.

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Life is Strange Episode 5: Polarized Review

Immediately after finishing my write-up of Life is Strange Episode 4 last night, I dove in to Episode 5 because the cliffhanger was so well done that I couldn't wait one more moment to see who Dontnod resolved everything (I pity all of the fools who played through the game episodically as they were released and had to wait those three months). If you're just joining us, you can check out my reviews of Episode 1Episode 2, and Episode 3, as well. As always, minor spoilers below.

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Life is Strange Episode 4: Dark Room Review

As someone who has experienced and studied a ton of different stories over the years in the form of television, film, theatre, literature, and video games, one of the greatest joys is when I come across a story that surprises me. And the end of Episode 4 of Life is Strange excelled at that. Minor spoilers to follow but I'll avoid the episodes big climax.

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Life is Strange Episode 3: Chaos Theory Review

Following the dramatic highs of Episode 2Life is Strange wisely doesn't try to top the tension of the previously climax. While the school, and even the larger community of the town, are in shock over the events surrounding Kate in the previous episode, Episode 3 focuses on the relationship between Max and Chloe. Once again, minor spoilers to follow.

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Life is Strange Episode 2: Out of Time Review

Yesterday, I kicked off my belated review of Life is Strange. Rather than tackle this entire story in one go (like I did with Telltale's Game of Thrones and Tales from the Borderlands), I'm approaching this one episodically. Then when the whole story is wrapped up, I'll likely put together a cumulative review as well. So yesterday looked at the initial chapter and today, I'm looking at Episode 2, titled Out of Time. Minor spoilers ahead as this review will touch on a couple of the spoiler-esque plot points of the episode.

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Life is Strange Episode 1: Chrysalis Review

When the first episode of Life is Strange launched in January last year, I was probably busy catching up on some 2014 games I missed. Then as each subsequent episode came out and buzz around the game began to grow, it's visibility on my "must-play" radar escalated in kind but I still never got around to it. But fittingly, during these early days in 2016, I can finally catch up on it. I'm going to try to play through the whole game this week with daily impressions on each episode and then maybe a final full review on the whole piece.

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Amazon Prime Follow-Up

Last week, I wrote a piece comparing Amazon's new Prime offer for games to Best Buy's Gamers Club Unlocked program. The long and short of it was that I still find Best Buy to be better deal, but Amazon had won me back over to order Wave 3 of the LEGO Dimensions sets. Historically, I've never had issues with my orders from Amazon arriving late. In fact, they often arrive earlier than projected and every game I've ever pre-ordered has arrived on launch day.

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And the Rest...(of my Unplayed 2015 Games)

Alright, I probably need to start focusing on the games that I am considering for my Game of the Year awards so this entry will encapsulate all of the remaining notable games I didn't get to in 2015. Unlike the previous entries, which each highlighted 5 games, this one is going to be a little different.

  • Assassin's Creed Syndicate: Despite hearing, this year's Assassin's Creed was better, last year's Unity was a solid reminder of why, for the most part, I do not have fun with this series so I sat this year out and didn't feel like I was missing out on anything.
  • Cities: SkylinesI didn't have the vehement hatred toward SimCity that some people did but I wanted to give Cities: Skylines a try to reward them for giving people the SimCity game they wanted. I just wasn't really on my PC enough this year so I didn't get around to it.
  • Divinity Original Sin Enhanced Edition: Heard great things about the PC version of this game and wanted to give it a try when it came to console this year but there was too much to play this Fall and this didn't make the cut. 
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