Amazon Prime Follow-Up

Last week, I wrote a piece comparing Amazon's new Prime offer for games to Best Buy's Gamers Club Unlocked program. The long and short of it was that I still find Best Buy to be better deal, but Amazon had won me back over to order Wave 3 of the LEGO Dimensions sets. Historically, I've never had issues with my orders from Amazon arriving late. In fact, they often arrive earlier than projected and every game I've ever pre-ordered has arrived on launch day.

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Pre-Order Discounts

When Amazon announced today that it would offer a 20% discount on video game pre-orders to its Prime subscribers, many rightly identified it as a shot across the bow at Best Buy's Gamers Club Unlocked. But the immediate cries of this bringing about the end of Best Buy's program, or even moreso Gamestop, seem far too reactionary to me.

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Co-op with Catherine #7

Between Fallout, PlayStation Experience, and our holiday travel schedule, it has been awhile since Catherine and I sat down and played together. But when my family unloaded about 13 LEGO Dimensions packs on us yesterday, we thought it was a perfect time to revisit the game.

But first, Catherine was adamant that we find a way to display our massive collection. So after a few minutes searching online, we found this video from TalkBricks featuring a setup that Cat really liked. It's a simple variable collection display case with three stands that can be arranged into a variety of configurations. It is sold online through The Container Store but even better for Catherine and myself is the fact that a new Container Store just opened by my work a couple months back so we went there and picked up all four they had on the shelf (sorry other local collectors of things).

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Gaming Christmas Haul

This post is a bit of a follow-up to the one I wrote last week about notable Christmas Gaming Memories. Because Catherine and I spent Christmas in Seattle with her family, we actually had several mini-Christmas celebrations, finishing today.

  1. December 22 - The night before Cat and I flew out to Seattle, we exchanged gifts with one another. There was no point in taking them to and from Seattle with us and we didn't want to wait until we got home.
  2. December 25 - Christmas with Catherine's family in Seattle. Meanwhile, my family celebrated in Phoenix opening all of their presents sans the ones from Catherine and myself.
  3. December 27 - My mother surprised Catherine and I by putting some of our presents from my family under our tree while we were in Seattle so we had a mini-celebration upon returning home from our trip.
  4. January 1 - Due to various work schedules and New Year's Eve plans, we weren't able to have the celebration with my full family until today. We all met at my parents house and Cat and I gave out and received our gifts with my family.

In addition to the awesome Xbox press bag that Catherine's brother Keith got me last week, my family delivered on some high quality gaming loot this year as well! Pictures are below! I hope everyone had a great holiday! Have a great 2016!

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Trevor Trove 2015 Game of the Year: #10 - #6

Alright, with the year nearly over, I've played all the big games I'm gonna get through in 2015 so it's time for the age-old tradition: making lists of the best and worst games of 2015. As I've already touched on in some of my other Game of the Year articles, there are a ton of games I didn't get around to this year. I'm only one guy and for the most part I know the kinds of games I'm going to enjoy so this list is specifically catered to the games that I had the most fun with this year. Without further ado...

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Extra Life Marathon

Because I'm not as young as I once was, a 24-hour marathon of gaming has seemed slightly daunting since I made the commitment a couple months ago. As such, I postponed my initial plan of playing on the November 7th Game Day in lieu of playing on Black Friday, when I'd have a little more time to recover at the end of the weekend before returning to work on Monday.

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Co-op With Catherine #6

As I mentioned Tuesday, it seemed like we'd never make it through LEGO Dimensions but a couple nights ago, Catherine had a couple of her friends over. As they wined and dined, they also opened up a few of our remaining packs and build some mini-figs. Since the building instructions are locked in the game itself, they only built the characters. Fast forward to tonight, Cat wanted to sit down and play some more.

We still didn't really progress through the main story at all but we opened the Back to the Future Level Pack and played through the level and then enjoyed hanging out in Hill Valley a lot. We also went through and built a lot of the other sets.

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Co-op With Catherine #5

When Fallout 4 came out last week, Catherine was great about understanding how much that game meant to me and how much time I'd be putting into it. When it was announced, I was spending a lot of time at her old apartment before we moved in together and she let me bring my PlayStation 3 over so that I could replay through Fallout 3 in the mornings while she slept in.

On launch day, she invited her best friend over so they could hang out together with our puppy Elphie and leave me alone with the game. And she's been great about letting me have the free time to play it since. So I was all too happy to acquiesce to her wish to go back and play through a little bit of LEGO Dimensions tonight. As I described in the last installment of "Co-op With Catherine," it's been a bit of a slough to get through the game though.

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Co-op with Catherine #4

Following the mostly successful trek through LEGO Jurassic World together, Catherine and I decided LEGO Dimensions would probably work well as a next game to play through together. So for her birthday last month, I got her the game and a handful of the sets. First, I gave her the Wizard of Oz set. We recently got our first dog together and named her Elphaba (or Elphie for short) after the Witch from the musical Wicked (based on The Wizard of Oz).

I also picked up the Level Packs that were available at the time (The SimpsonsBack to the Future, and Portal). Because she got screwed out the trophies last time, I insisted we play through on her login so she could get the trophies and if I really wanted the Platinum I could eventually go back and play through on my own account.

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