Doom Cover Art

Earlier this week, the Doom reboot was given a release date and box art.

As the series is one of the most iconic first-person shooters, I'll be interested to see how the game turns out. The original installment made one of my Favorite Games lists for PC and I've been mildly intrigued by the notion of the series' reboot for the past year or so, mostly because I'm incredibly curious to see if the team can make a Doom game that has the spirit of the original but also feels relevant in the 2016 landscape. Machine Games set the standard with this with their Wolfenstein reboot and I'm eager to see if id/Bethesda follow suit.

But that artwork, huh?

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Favorite Games List - Middle PC

The most important element that game from these years of course was the introduction to the world wide web, even if it was through countless 1000 AOL Trial CDs and dial-up connections that took the phone line out of commission for hours at a time. But even before that, the new technology that moved video game installations from floppy disks to CDs meant much bigger games. I was a subscriber to PC Gamer during these years and was constantly playing games from their monthly demo disks. This list will even carry us through to the era of DVD-ROMs (with the next PC-centric installment focusing on the Digital Revolution and Steam years.

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