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Jason Schreier of Kotaku reported today that Ubisoft may be skipping a year in their annualized series Assassin's Creed. When Kotaku reported that they had been presumably blacklisted by Ubisoft for their report announcing what eventually became Assassin's Creed Unity ahead of the Ubisoft Marketing calendar, I wrote a piece on Blacklisting in Games Media. Today's report re-introduced a debate on who should control the messaging: the content creator or the media?

As I did a couple months ago, if a leak occurs, I lean toward the media reporting on that leak in this argument. If Ubisoft wanted to make this announcement in a couple months through a press release or at a conference, it absolutely sucks that someone with ties to the organization let this information slip. But that's Ubisoft's problem, not Kotaku's or any other outlet that would choose to report on the topic.

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