Scouting the Commonwealth - Day ???

I've completely lost track of how many days I've spent scouring the Commonwealth at this point. But with the year winding down, I'm aiming to get through the rest of the main story of Fallout 4 so I can visit a few more games before I start putting together my Game of the Year lists. As a result, I'll likely be retiring this series for the time being. But first, I'll recap some of the highlights since I last wrote...

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Scouting the Commonwealth - Days 8-10

Day 8

While at work on Thursday, I caught up on this week's Vault IGN, my go-to Fallout 4 podcast hosted by the superb Jared Petty. In that episode, Sean Finnegan detailed his adventure at Thicket Excavations, which sounded eerily similar to my own. We both stumbled upon the quarry and helped the guy there by diving into the water and fixing the pump. Then we both read his terminal logs after the fact.  "Cool," I thought, and then a couple of the other members of the podcast told him that he should go back when he was more leveled up. "I've leveled up," so I couldn't wait to get home and check out that quarry.

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Scouting the Commonwealth - Day 7

After a couple of days away from the Wasteland, today I returned with a vengeance. Things I did today:

  • Mixed paint.
  • Shot down a Vertibird
  • Got blown up two separate times by the same set of mutants:
    • Once by a Missile Launcher.
    • Once by a Suicide Mutant.
  • Triggered the "Ranger Corps" Trophy (Discovered 100 Locations).
  • Tracked down some baseball paraphenalia for a guy who thinks the sport was about each team beating the other to death with bats.
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Scouting the Commonwealth - Day 6

My first adventure of the day was a delightful surprise. I, like many others in the Commonwealth have been enjoying the awkward radio stylings of Travis on the Diamond City Radio station. But when the game gave me a mission to help give him some confidence, I thought "okay, let's see how this plays out." The quest itself felt like the kind of "tranformation from awkward nerd to confident man" that I've seen many times. But what I really appreciated was that this quest has changed the performance on the radio. I imagine if I had just skipped on the quest, Travis would have stayed awkward and uncomfortable in the role . But because I helped out, his intros and news stories have altered to reflect his new persona. This sense of making a change to the world like this was something I was sorely missing from Fallout 3. Glad to see something like it added in for this game.

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Scouting the Commonwealth - Day 5

When I left off yesterday, the Brotherhood of Steel had just flown into town. So I joined up with Paladin Danse and caught a Vertibird to their answer to The Avengers Helicarrier: the Prydwen. After getting a minor promotion and a new set of Power Armor, I set about running a lot of miscellaneous quests for the Minutemen, the Brotherhood, and Valentine today. And there was where I really felt like I was playing the Fallout universe's version of Skyrim for the first time.

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Scouting the Commonwealth - Day 3 and 4

The big event of Day 3 in the Commonwealth centered around tracking down Detective Nick Valentine. Having already talked with a few people in Diamond City, I was familiar with the notion that the Synth are the boogeymen in the game. So I'm not quite sure what to think about everyone being so nonchalant about one living among them ("His eyes are so creepy," says real-life Catherine). I await some kind of narrative to discuss how the other characters feel about Nick.

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Scouting the Commonwealth - Day 1

It's finally here. Fallout 4 has arrived. Delivered as my work day neared an end, I came home to find my Pip-Boy Special Edition copy of the game ready and waiting for me. Before diving into the game, though, I wanted to prepare myself so I gathered some of my recent paraphernalia and changed out of my work attire and planted myself on the couch for the evening's festivities.

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