Nier: Automata Final Impressions (Minor Spoilers)

Having finished endings A, B, C, D, E, and H (accidentally), I finally feel I'm at a place with Nier: Automata that I can give my impressions on the game (as a follow-up to my initial impressions and midpoint impressions). There are some minor spoilers in the video but overall, I enjoyed it just fine. I don't know that it would have cracked my top ten list for 2017 because the story felt like a fairly familiar science fiction "robots realizing what it means to be human" story. The combat didn't really impress me (admittedly I was just playing on easy mode but it was still a fairly bland hack and slash button mash) and I don't think the pacing of the story warranted the multiple-playthrough approach it took. It's still a fun enough game and some of the side stories were really well told but I think this was a game that was over-hyped for me.