Crash Bandicoot Impressions - Trevor Trove Gaming

After 20 years, in the PlayStation ecosystem. I finally sat down with a Crash Bandicoot game. And I quickly discovered, much like with the Mega Man Legacy Collection, I don't have the patience for this type of platformer in my older years. I have too many other options and too little time to spend trying to memorize level patterns with minimal reward.

Twenty years ago, middle school/high school Trevor probably would have been fine trying over and over to discover the perfect route through each level after finishing up his homework. But I don't have that same drive of obsession any more. There were levels early on in each of these three games where, after losing literally dozens of lives to the same goddamn portion of a level, I wanted nothing more than to throw my controller at the TV. Fortunately, my rational mind remained in control and I settled for screaming obscenities and punching the arm of my couch over and over again instead. But if I'm not having a good time with no end in sight, I'm not going to waste my time trying to "stick it out." I'm going to go play something that will actually release some endorphins instead.

But if I want to continue last year's Extra Life formula of Making Trevor Suffer Through Games That He'll Frequently Die In, I've definitely got some new front runners.