The Thing About Game Delays Revisited - Trevor Trove Gaming

Earlier this week, the team behind the game Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator had to announce a last-minute delay of their title on the day it was expected to be released to the public. The reasoning: despite the team working around the clock for the last few weeks in hopes of hitting the deadline, they discovered enough late-game bugs in need of patching that they wanted to give the game the time it needed rather than rush it out and patch it later.

While many were supportive and wished the team well, there were the usual suspects enraged because they felt entitled to this product regardless of the cost to the developers. So I started to write up a post about video game delays and it all felt very familiar.

That's because I already wrote it. Last year when Uncharted 4: A Thief's End and Mass Effect Andromeda had been delayed.

So today's video revisits that original post and why game delays are always a good thing.