Kinda Funny Live 3! Recap


Kinda Funny Live Day started this morning with a food trucks event at Spark Social SF, an outdoor dining spot with ample space and seating and a wide variety of food trucks for people to choose from. One of those “ideal for a large group” options, tons of Kinda Funny Best Friends gathered, wandered around looking for their preferred dining options (I settled on Fried Mac & Cheese balls after they were recommended to me by a fellow former Facebook admin). People gathered around the space, mingling and visiting; making predictions about what might happen tonight.

The Kinda Funny Facebook Admins in attendance got together for some group photos. Since stepping down in January, I haven’t been too active in the group (outside of regular lurking) but I still consider many of those people dear friends so I tagged along and jokingly tried to photo bomb their picture with a middle finger (in honor of a meme generated out of last year’s Let’s Play Live, where Joey Noelle, Lauren Wilson, and I flipped off the camera and sent it to Xyger for not being there. The image was later given the text “Admins Say Fuck You.” Since stepping down, I’ve often taken a picture whenever I’m with an admin flipping off the camera to send to the other admins (at events like PAX, Nikki Petitt’s wedding last month, or here at KFL). So as to not really interfere with the actual group admin picture, I took one myself, with my middle finger visible in frame and the admins all flipping ME off in response. Love all those guys though and the work they do. Just some light razzing about the fact that I managed to escape.

As people started heading off to line up at the venue, our 11th and final roommate Andy Davies showed up. We visited for a little bit and I grabbed Brandon to head back to our hotel and charge up a little bit. As we waited, a young woman named Juliana (or Julzzz) introduced herself and asked if we heading over to the event and that she was alone and wondered if she could join us. I said we were heading back to our room for a bit first but she was certainly welcome to. On the drive over, we quickly learned that she had just graduated high school the night before (so congrats to her!) and that she was quite the adventurous convention attendee (she’ll even be at E3 in a couple weeks). I give her all the credit in the world for being courageous to head off to these kinds of things solo and it was a pleasure getting to know her a bit on the walk over to the event line as well.

As expected, plenty of people were already in line and hanging out around 3:30pm when my little group arrived, nearly FOUR hours before the doors would open and they’d start letting in the VIPs. But that just meant four hours of hanging out and visiting with friends. Rather than stick with one single group, I tried to bounce around both the general admission and VIP lines throughout in order to chat with all sorts of attendees - old friends and new faces alike - and see how their weeks were going and what they were hoping to see out of the night.

The Show

Eventually, the doors opened and the VIPs started heading into the Regency Ballroom. Grimecraft was acting as the DJ, there was a merch room off to the side, and the VIPs could head upstairs and grab a seat or mingle if they wanted. As the room filled, Dave Fennoy’s lovely voice said the show would be starting in 5 minutes and a loading bar came up on the screens, serving as a cue for people in the balcony to grab our seats.

My phone was low on battery life so I didn’t live tweet out this year’s event, meaning I don’t have a personal play-by-play reference point but I’ll go over some of the biggies:

Andy Cortez rocked the Jimmy Hendrix National Anthem to kick off the show.

Xavier Woods was an excellent host. The UpUpDownDown YouTuber and member of the longest reigning tag team champions in WWE history was more than up for the task. He had some great material describing his job as professional LARPing and talking about occasions in his life where he felt ostracized for being weird (like when he’d devoted 96 hours to Persona 4 Golden on his Vita) but that he found people like Greg Miller and Kinda Funny who accepted him.

We got entrances for Kevin (playing up his clumsiness), Nick (with beach balls for the audience as the “Playing With the Boys” scene from Top Gun played), Greg (a Y2J WWE entrance that transitioned into him in a Wonder Woman outfit), and Tim (who descended from the rafters in a giant Let Tim Host cape.

Greg gave an impassioned speech about all of the growing pains the last few months and emphasized that this was the embodiment of Kinda Funny Best Friend: people coming together (in person or online watching Periscope or the later edited video) in support of one another. People who would hang out and build four days of community events from the ground up without Kinda Funny even doing anything. So the show started off with me weeping out of pride and love.

Greg then segued right into the Press Conference to kick things off. Joey Noelle came out to announce that Zacq Wenzel has been working on a redesign of the Kinda Funny Doodles and a new season will be launching in July. We got to see an episode about Nick having some difficulties with a Starbucks order.

Andy Cortez came out next with a very tongue-in-cheek by the numbers E3-style delivery of the new show he’ll be spearheading: Party Mode - a weekly Let’s Play series where he’ll get to have fun editing, including crazy group Let’s Plays, new developments in the Kinda Funny World Championship drama, and more.

Nick came out next to give an update on the Animated series and remind everyone that even though the original 12-episode run is nearing an end, they’ll be doing 3 bonus episodes as a “thank you for your patience as we got further and further behind schedule.” We then saw a tease of an episode airing next week featuring Colin Moriarty playing Dungeon Master for a game of D&D.

Tim came out to talk about the fact that growing up he loved playing Ninja Turtles where he’d be Leonardo and Kevin would be Donatello. They didn’t have a Raph because he was rude. But they had a Mikey. And now, so does Kinda Funny with the addition of Cool Greg Gettys as a Production Assistant to support Kevin. Cool Greg was incredibly grateful to the community for all of the support they’ve given him and he promised he wouldn’t be letting the Best Friends down.

Greg (Miller) came out to talk about a couple new shows he was doing (he also rushed through some more random Patreon restructuring stuff but those are better detailed in the official announcement video). Then he announced the new shows he’ll be working on. First, at long last, we will get Cooking with Greggy as a seasonal show (starting in September). This will air as a limited run of episodes that (by Greg’s own admission) should probably be called Cooking with the Millers, as Genevieve is a much better cook. As somebody who has personally been inspired to take up cooking by Greg, I’m really excited for this!

His other new show, which will effectively be serving as the evolution of PS I Love You XOXO, will be Kinda Funny Games Daily: a daily live gaming podcast running immediately after the Kinda Funny Morning Show (before being exported to YouTube and podcast services. Designed as a two-person show, Greg will be the anchor, with Tim and Andy occasionally stepping in to the second chair. But additional heavy lifting will come in the form of friends of Kinda Funny Andrea Rene and Danny O’Dwyer, who have each been contracted for two shows a week. As a fan (and Patreon supporter) of both of their outside endeavors – What’s Good Games and No Clip, respectively – I’m incredibly excited to see this show.

Kinda Funny Games Daily will focus on the gaming news of the day (leaving the Kinda Funny Morning Show set to focus on other pop culture features like comics, movies, and entertainment). Greg seems really excited to be spearheading this daily gaming talk show, which will start the week after E3.

Greg then invited the fully assembled Kinda Funny team out and had everyone circle up for an Avengers-type hero shot of the team.

With the press conference complete, the show transitioned into a live mini-GameOverGreggy show (with a like bagpipe player playing the opening theme). Greg, Tim, and Nick, talked a bit informally to the crowd. Greg announced that he would be voicing another character in Tt Games’ upcoming LEGO Marvel Superheroes 2 (after his debut in LEGO Marvel Avengers). He was also excited to announce - to the audience and his co-hosts - that Nick and Tim had also been invited to voice characters in the game.

Greg brought a young man (I think named) Cade onstage, who happened to be the 12-year-old of the family mentioned in my Wednesday recap. Greg had some fun hassling his parents for letting them watch the content in its more adult moments. It’s a bit of a blur at this point (a few days later) but I believe this was also when the guys announced that Digiorno had delivered 1,500 coupons for free pizzas for the Kinda Funny Best Friends. Sadly, I don’t think these coupons ever made their way up to the VIPs in the balcony (I certainly never saw one).

The show transitioned into an impromptu episode of Love and Sex Stuff. Tim made is clear that the show is still on hiatus but they wanted to have a special live episode for Kinda Funny Live 3. They brought a pair of couples up on stage. The first were the newly married Adam and Laura I mentioned in the Friday recap. They asked how to have a long and happy marriage and the answer was the Love and Sex Stuff go to answer: “communication.” The other pair were Michael Ruiz and Amber Donnelly, who I recognized after the fact as the couple at the front of the VIP line for last year’s KFL2 (they beat my group by about 30 seconds). Michael asked when the best time to propose was, leading to his own proposal onstage, Amber said yes and we had echoes of Kevin’s proposal from last year, with a similar She Said Yes graphic and everything. Congratulations to the happy couple!

After that lovely moment, Greg (from offstage) insisted that if Tim and Nick were going to bring one of their shows back for a Live KFL3 edition, then so would he. Cue the Oreo Oration graphic and Greg coming out to review the Original Oreo, which had been filmed in one of the first batches of episodes but never edited. Greg stressed that Oreo Oration probably WOULDN’T be coming back because it was a pretty big pain in the ass to edit. But we’d get this live episode of him reviewing America’s favorite cookie. All of the classic segments were there (and it’s kind of impressive how effortlessly Greg can fall right into the old script). The original Oreo got a 10 out of 10. Because of course it did; it started it all.

Greg then introduced that Nick has actually been pursuing a side passion of his doing stand-up comedy. He’s apparently been going out to open-mic nights to test out material and then came out for a set in front of the Best Friends. He got a ton of love from the crowd and had a pretty solid line-up of jokes. Nick was followed by a return performance from Mike Drucker, delivering his own set of stand-up for the crowd. The Co-Head Writer of Bill Nye Saves the World, much like last year, had the crowd in the palm of his hand. This stand-up segment wrapped up the first act of the show, leading into a (much-appreciated) intermission.

Act two kicked off with an Andy’s 30-Second Review of the first act. A couple of his stand-out observations: “too many Gregs” and “Colin hasn’t been showing up to rehearsals…”

We then segued into the musical portion of the evening with another return performance, this time in the form of MegaRan. He performed a Mega Man-inspired number before going into a WWE-inspired number about The New Day. About halfway through the song, Xavier Woods came out to remind MegaRan that he was right backstage and if he was gonna do a New Day number, he should be involved. So the song picked back up with Xavier Woods performing the song alongside MegaRan.

Then, Nick and Tim came out as the Internet Explorers performing some of their numbers like “Talk Shit, Get Shot.” Andy Cortez came out to play electric guitar while the Internet Explorers performed the theme song for the Animated Series. We also got a song to “invoke the Bongos gods” and pay off the long-running gag about playing Kevin’s belly like a set of bongos. There was another number about loving drones. The original plan would have featured Tim and Nick crowdsurfing while a drone flew above them in the Regency Ballroom recording footage. But apparently, the drone didn’t cooperate during rehearsal so they ran the segment with a couple of cameras recording from the balcony.

Then Tonedeff came out to perform a couple numbers with the Internet Explorers. One of the numbers was his Aerobics Champions remix that debuted at last year’s show. The other number had Tim, Nick, and Tonedeff traveling out into the crowd and then asked that the audience run in a circle around them a la a whirpool effect. Some people really got into it but the front handful of rows definitely decided they weren’t giving up their spots.

Following Tonedeff’s performance, there was a really impressive graphic announcing the Kinda Funny Championship (I should also point out that there were a couple interstitials throughout the show where Nick and Greg were interviewed by referee Andy about the Mario Kart title match). Tim and Kevin came out as commentators. Andy would be serving as the referee. And then Nick and Greg came out to compete over the belt (both featuring some Danny Wiessner music for their intros with Greg entering in a Beyond shirt to “Go Beyond” and Nick entering to “Producer Seducer”). And intense race on Mount Wario delivered a few last minute lead changes (but not quite as dramatic as the finish between the Greg/Xyger race) with Greg ultimately taking the win.

A pre-recorded video then played to interrupt Greg’s celebration. Announcing the the belt Greg had was now worthless as he had a new Kinda Funny World Championship belt commissioned. Nick then came out to show off a new, more professionally crafted belt. Nick established the new ground rules: anyone can challenge for it, and the champion can determine the match. So Greg immediately challenged, and Nick declared it would be a Beard-off, which Nick of course won. Xavier Woods then came out to challenge and convinced Nick to make it a Street Fighter match, which Woods won, making him the new champion.

It was then agreed that Woods would defend the belt later in an 8-person Battle Royal to give Kinda Funny a chance to reclaim the belt. But before then, there would be a series of Grudge Matches.

Up first, Andy declared that he had a score to settle with Chad the Piranha plant. A life-sized Chad the Piranha plant came out and Andy just beat it up, “killing” him. So presumably, the recurring bit of Chad the Piranha plant is no more. Andy claimed he did it “for Reddit” presumably referring to critical comments of the gag.

Next, Kevin insisted he had a score to settle with Sean “The Shark” Finnegan after losing two foot races. So Kevin challenged Sean to a Milkshake-off, with both men drinking a milkshake as fast as possible. Guest judge Harley from Epic Meal Time came out to referee the match, which Kevin ended up winning, in part by using a second straw for part of the bout.

Then came the Battle of the Bandicoot between Tim and the fan who challenged him via online promos months ago: Double D Dougherty (@cheeks_jr). The kid built a solid hype package recapping the fued and building it up (and there was a joke about him possibly being Greg’s son as he had the intensity, physique, and Team Fat shirt to match). The two battled in a speed-run of a level from Crash Bandicoot, with Tim stumbling and Double D winning the race. Tim offered a handshake out of respect.

Finally, we got the Battle Royale for the title with a series of guests. Xavier Woods would defend against, Greg and Nick from Kinda Funny, Alfredo Diaz, Fran Mirabella from IGN, Brandon Jones from Easy Allies, and Shaun and Craig from Game Attack in an 8-man Gang Beasts match. Shaun Bolan ultimately won the match but the Kinda Hunnies (Gia, Paula, and Genevieve) came out throwing wine bottles at the competitors and absconding with the belt. Tim then joked that we’d have to tune in to Raw and the next few weeks of shows to see what happened next. The announcement video seems to suggest that we might see the ongoing saga of the Kinda Funny World Championship on the new Party Mode show. With Shaun from Game Attack technically the reigning Champion, I wouldn’t be surprised to see movement at RTX next month.

With the Kinda Funny World Championship segment wrapped up, the base show was complete, but Xavier Woods came back out to invite the audience to bring the guys back out for an encore.

And out came Boy Orgy for their rendition of “Everybody (Boy Orgy’s Back),” complete with choreography and background dancers.

Andy, Nick, and Tim all gave their thank you’s to wrap up the night (Xavier Woods also thanked everyone for welcoming him so warmly).

When Tim invited Greg out to say his goodbyes, an off-stage Greg pouted that he didn’t want to. So Tim called in a bit of help and we heard “If ya smellllllll... what The cooking” to a huge pop from the crowd. And then a video of The Rock appeared on the screen to an even BIGGER pop. The Rock introduced Greg and admitted that while he hasn’t met the guys, he’s become a fan of them through the work he’s seen.

Greg came out to deliver his thank yous, including Colin, the rest of Kinda Funny, his family and friends, and the community for all of the love and support.

And with that, balloons dropped, confetti cannons fired, and Kinda Funny Live 3 was in the books.

Thank you Kinda Funny for an always entertaining show and the incredible community you’ve brought together.

Other Fun Moments

In addition to The Rock, there were also pre-filmed videos from other assorted guests to introduce/celebrate the Kinda Funny gang at various moments: Janina Gavankar (who will be playing the lead role in Star Wars Battlefront 2) for Joey Noelle, Andrew WK for Andy Cortez, Hunter Pence for Nick Scarpino, Logic for Tim Gettys, Sasha Banks for Cool Greg Gettys and Sisqo for Greg Miller.

The community was pretty damn chant-happy. Chants included: New Day Rocks, Beach Ball Mania, Let Time Host (soooooo many times), Oreo, Nick Scarpino, Encore, Thank You, and We Love You.

Post Show Insanity

Greg announced an after party at Wing Wings after the show and hundreds of people flocked across town to the small establishment. Highlights included Max Landis buying $500 worth of wings to feed the crowd. Harley added a few pizzas from the parlor a couple doors down. And Xavier Woods hung out with the crowd as well (I even gave him one of my pins). Hundreds of fans having an impromptu block party was something special. Landis, Gen, and Greg’s mom all hopped behind the counter to help serve the wings as they came off the line.