E3 2017 Predictions - Trevor Trove Gaming Ep. 3

With E3 unofficially kicking off with next Saturday's EA Play presentation, I needed to get my official predictions put together. But since I'm of course still in San Francisco for Kinda Funny Live 3 right now, I pre-recorded these on Monday, May 29 so there's no point in telling me how Assassin's Creed Cairo Nights has already leaked or whatever and my predictions are trash.

Anyway, here are my nonsensical predictions that will almost certainly not happen for the major 3rd party and 1st party E3 presentations.

EA - Saturday, June 10 - 12pm PT

  1. Peter Moore will make a cameo in the FIFA 18 push
  2. Battlefront II gameplay to end the conference
  3. Amy Hennig Star Wars game titled and given a 2018 date with a trailer
  4. Tom Brady on-hand to talk about the honor of being the Madden cover athlete
  5. Teaser for the next Dragon Age

Microsoft - Sunday, June 11 - 2pm PT

  1. Halo 6 Teaser a la the Master Chief in a poncho one we got for Halo 5
  2. Scorpio Release Date: November 3rd. Will be fully backward compatible for all Xbox consoles including the original
  3. Scorpio Price: $599.99 (some kind of trade-in offer on 360s and Xbox Ones to help bring down the cost
  4. Crackdown 3 trailer and release date in October (6th?)
  5. At least three new Triple-A IPs are shown off to help enforce the idea that Xbox is about games.

Bethesda - Sunday, June 11 - 7pm PT

  1. Wolfenstein The New Colossus trailer. Coming in 2018
  2. New stuff coming to Fallout Shelter and Fallout 4 VR release date for Vive and Oculus announced
  3. Elder Scrolls Online expansion
  4. Dishonored 2 DLC following the adventures of Meagan Foster
  5. To correspond to the Amusement Park invite: two new titles announced with one of them being The Evil Within 2

Ubisoft - Monday, June 12 - 1pm PT

  1. Opening sequence of Far Cry 5 will be shown off (a la Pagan Min introduction from a few years ago)
  2. South Park Fractured But Whole showing off more of the character classes
  3. New Assassin’s Creed game shown off. Set in Egypt as has long been rumored. We see an Assassin perched atop the Sphinx
  4. A lot of stage time dedicated to Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle partnership. Including an appearance by Miyamoto
  5. New IP announcement to close out the conference

Sony - Monday, June 12 - 6pm PT

  1. Kick-off with The Last of Us Part 2 gameplay
  2. Spider-Man gameplay and maybe a spring 2018 release window
  3. Uncharted Lost Legacy action sequence
  4. God of War big beast - releasing November (3rd)
  5. Days Gone gameplay and October release date (13th)

Nintendo - Tuesday, June 13 - 9am PT

  1. Star Fox Zero port to the Switch announced
  2. Mario Odyssey trailer highlighting the hat
  3. Virtual Console launching with GameCube games like Mario Sunshine, Metroid Prime, and Pikmin
  4. SNES-mini announced
  5. Mother 3 to Virtual Console on Switch. Obviously never going to happen but I’ll throw a prediction away anyway