Final Fantasy XIV Online Early Impressions - Trevor Trove Gaming (Ep. 4)

As a lifelong fan of the Final Fantasy series, I've always been a little sad that I wasn't more interested in MMORPG's and, therefore, missed Final Fantasy XI and XIV. This week, I removed Final Fantasy XIV from that list as I started to dabble in A Realm Reborn.

So far, it's proving to be a pretty good catch-all kind of game. There's single-player content if I'm interested in a Final Fantasy story. There's grinding if I just want something to do while I watch Glow on Netflix. And I've got a handful of other friends playing the game if I want to jump into more of the online-multiplayer aspects of the game.

I don't have a whole ton of games I'm looking to play at the moment so dedicated the hours to this one seems like the right time. I'm just hoping my friends who have been with the game for a while and have already hit the new Level 70 cap don't get too bored to play with me by the time I'm ready to join them.