Thursday Recap - Kinda Funny Live 3

Hoo-dang I had a good time tonight. Admittedly, I'm probably about seven rum and cokes in as I write up this recap. But today was absolutely a mix of "I love being around all of these people" and "crap, we're only two days in and I'm exhausted." But it was fun all around anyway.

The morning started somewhat lackadaisically with the room of ten slowly waking up throughout the morning. Eventually, we all started to stir and prepare for another community day around town. Sometime around noon, we started  heading over to Pier 39.

Much like last year, Pier 39 is an ideal spot for a Kinda Funny community meet up. There are a ton of food options for people to split off and attend. So we could meet as a 50+ person group and then shift to smaller groups grabbing lunch at various restaurants scattered around the area. Eventually, a big chunk of us reconvened over by the Sea Lions and mingled for the better part of the afternoon. For hours, people split off and enjoyed small and group conversations, meeting for the first time or reuniting after months apart.

Evenutally, I split off for dinner with a handful of friends over at the 21st Amendment, a favorite bar/restaurant right down the street from IGN. The ride to 21st Amendment was an amusing example of how exhausted some of us already were. Me and four other community members shared an Uber over to the restaurant in complete silence. It's not that we were angry at one another. Instead, we were collectively introverts and none of us were the kind of person to kick off the conversation. So instead, we all enjoyed our personal time, catching up on personal messages or other social media realms.

Dinner at 21st Amendment was delightful and brought a few friends into the fold who only arrived today. As always, I am blessed by the friends I've made within this community. They consistently bring joy and laughter into my life and I often relish these days where we get to catch up.

As we neared 7 o'clock, a handful of us headed over to the 21+ event at the Folsom Street Foundry. At the first Kinda Funny Live, a bunch of us made an impromptu trip to the Foundry for their regular Thursday games night. At Kinda Funny Live 2, a group headed there and were surprised by an appearance by Greg Miller. This year, Kinda Funny had a portion of the standard event reserved for the Kinda Funny community. Namely, the upstairs area was reserved for us. Greg and Gen Miller eventually arrived and were instantly surrounded by a ton of friends in attendance and Greg lived up to his role as king of the meet and greets. He joined in with friends in Rock Band. He had an impromptu rematch tournament in Mario Kart with Xyger. And he bounced around from friend to friend, engaging with each and excitedly listening to what their KFL3 experience was shaping up to be.

The Foundry was filled with incredible conversations that have led to an almost-certain deterioration of my own voice through shouts across the crown and ample alcohol. But the joy found in meeting and reuniting with so many of these friends was entirely worth it and I wouldn't have it any other way - even if I DO still have a whole extra day before the actual Kinda Funny event even starts.