Nintendo Conference Reactions - E3 2017

I wasn’t expecting too much from the Nintendo Spotlight. I figured they’d be splitting their brief 30-minute presentation between Switch and 3DS titles. Instead, it was a predominantly Switch-centric spotlight that even held a few surprises (new Kirby and Yoshi platformers and the much requested Metroid Prime 4). A core Pokemon on the Switch was inevitable but it’s nice to have confirmation on it. But with how big that franchise has gotten, I don’t know that I’ll ever really feel compelled to get back into it.

I imagine this will be a lot of people's favorite conference. It didn't really do much for me but that's largely because I feel I've outgrown so much of the Nintendo catalog. I'll definitely play through some of these titles but I don't know how high on the priority list they'll land when compared to other systems and third-party games.

(Hotel internet was down so I have not yet been able to edit the initial take of this video)

My Predictions

  1. Star Fox Zero port to the Switch announced
  2. Mario Odyssey trailer highlighting the hat
  3. Virtual Console launching with GameCube games like Mario Sunshine, Metroid Prime, and Pikmin
  4. SNES-mini announced
  5. Mother 3 to Virtual Console on Switch. Obviously never going to happen but I’ll throw a prediction away anyway

Prediction Results

The Super Mario Odyssey trailer did indeed highlight the hat and its ability to possess seemingly everything else in the game.

Star Fox, Virtual Console, SNES, and Mother 3 were all no-shows.

Score: 1.0/5

My Notes from the Show

Reggie came out to talk a bunch of nonsense gibberish about playing “The Game.”

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 got a new trailer. Still slated for Holiday 2017.

Kirby announced for 2018.

Somebody came out to say that multiplayer games would be coming in one of the most pointless transitions possible.

The Pokemon Company reminded us that Pokken Tournament DX is coming to the Switch. They also confirmed that a core Pokemon game was officially in development for the Switch (but the fact that nothing was shown means it’s almost certainly not the long-rumored Stars and is still a ways away - even the developer said maybe more than a year).

A splash screen appeared for Metroid Prime 4 in development for Switch. But again, that’s probably a long ways out (I’m guessing 2019).

Yoshi announced for 2018. Apparently some franchises are just starting fresh with character names on the Switch.

Fire Emblem Warriors is coming 2017.

They reminded us (or introduced if you didn’t watch the Bethesda conference) that the Switch version of Skyrim will include Zelda amiibo content like the Master Sword.

We saw some gameplay from the Breath of the Wild Master Trials DLC slated for June 30th and then a teaser for the Champion’s Ballad DLC pack coming Holiday 2017. Additionally, the four champions from Breath of the Wild will be getting amiibo.

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle given a bit of a spotlight in case you missed the Ubisoft conference.

Rocket League is coming Holiday 2017. I could have sworn this was already an announcement or something but apparently it was news. It will feature cross-play functionality with other platforms as well as local wireless multiplayer and some unique Nintendo-theme car ornaments.

And finally we got an extended Super Mario Odyssey trailer with a song that showcased how Mario’s hat seems able to possess nearly everything in the game. Coming out October 27th.