PlayStation Conference Reactions - E3 2017

PlayStation had arguably the most talked about conference last year as it was pretty much game after game after game with very little in the way of developers coming out onstage to talk about the game. It was great that they let the games speak for themselves in that regard but a lot of games shown over the last two conferences still haven’t released and we still have no idea when Final Fantasy VII, Shenmue 3, Kingdom Hearts 3, God of War, Days Gone, Spiderman, Dreams, or Detroit Become Human might be launching.

My Predictions

  1. Kick-off with The Last of Us Part 2 gameplay
  2. Spider-Man gameplay and maybe a spring 2018 release window
  3. Uncharted Lost Legacy action sequence
  4. God of War big beast - releasing November (3rd)
  5. Days Gone gameplay and October release date (13th)

Prediction Results

No Last of Us (with Neil Druckmann tweeting out after the fact that it's Chloe and Nadine's time to shine). We did see a couple minutes of Lost Legacy, Days Gone, God of War (including a big beast), and Spider-Man but apart from Lost Legacy already being dated for August 22nd, everything else was unknown or a nebulous 2018.

Score: Let’s say 2.0/5. Called the content mostly correct, missed the dates.

My Notes from the Show

A whole lot of stuff announced in the pre-show. Undertale coming to PlayStation 4 and Vita (this summer). Knack 2 release date September 5th at $40. Superhot VR to PSVR this summer. Ni No Kuni 2 November 10th. PlayStation Experience confirmed for Anaheim December 9-10th (to mirror last year’s Game Awards/PSX combo).

Music lead in to the Uncharted Lost Legacy trailer but the audio is only giving us sound in the room.

Horizon DLC shown on but audio was still out so I was busy trying to find a good feed. The Frozen Wilds coming out this year.

Still down by the time Days Gone started but I went to the YouTube stream instead and that appears to be about the time they fixed it. Days Gone looks solid but a bit too samey with so many other things this generation.

Shawn Layden came out to celebrate PlayStation real quick.

Monster Hunter World coming to PlayStation in 2018. Seems like a good get since I instinctively tie that franchise to Nintendo.

Japan Studio and Bluepoint bringing another HD Remaster of Shadow of the Colossus to PlayStation 4.

Marvel vs. Capcom 3 trailer. And a Story Demo out now.

Call of Duty WWII trailer so I tuned out and caught up on Twitter.

PlayStation VR segment with Skyrim VR as the first showcase piece. Star Child as a second feature. Supermassive showed The Inpatient and Bravo Team (with Monsters of the Deep from Final Fantasy XV mixed in there). Moss - a little sword-fighting mouse.

God of War showcasing more of the new setting, weapons, and gameplay. Featured a big ol’ beast (the World Serpent). Dated early 2018.

Detroit Become Human. Marcus trailer introducing the Android Revolution element of this game.

Destiny 2 trailer showing off the new villain and introducing the new setup and highlighting the PlayStation exclusive strike, weapons, etc.

Shawn Layden then returned to introduce the one more game: Spiderman.

Gameplay featuring Spidey steathily taking out a room of Wilson Fisk’s goons. Then another sequence atop a skyscraper. Martin Li (Mister Negative according to a quick google search) and the Demons might be the big bad. Some quick-time action saving a crane from destroying part of the city and then a showcase of the aerial traversal and another exciting QTE segment. Dated for 2018. And a little end tease after a hype package revealed Miles Morales. My theory on a first view was that that clip was Miles in photographer mode after all of the action he just delivered as Spider-Man but I believe there was a moment in the gameplay where Spider-Man was talking to himself and said "Peter" so it would seem Miles is just a side character.