EA Conference Reactions - E3 2017

As E3 week seems to get longer and longer every year, EA kicked things off by moving their EA Play event to Saturday in order to own the day. I'm about to head off to the airport and attend the rest of the week in person but I was able to get my impressions recorded before I left (yay!) so here's my take on EA's conference.

My Predictions

  1. Peter Moore will make a cameo in the FIFA 18 push
  2. Battlefront II gameplay to end the conference
  3. Amy Hennig Star Wars game titled and given a 2018 date with a trailer
  4. Tom Brady on-hand to talk about the honor of being the Madden cover athlete
  5. Teaser for the next Dragon Age

Prediction Results

Nailed the Battlefront II predictions as we ended with multiplayer match gameplay. Everything else was a no go. Amy Hennig's Star Wars game and Dragon Age were nowhere to be seen. Peter Moore was weirdly absent on the FIFA push especially as they went to a series of interviews with commentators and the like on the single player protagonist of last year's installment. And there was a drumline with the drummers in a Tom Brady jersey but no Tom Brady.

Score: 1/5

My Notes from the Show

Madden 18 introducing a story mode Longshot with Mahershala Ali (House of Cards, Moonlight).
Andrew Gulotta (Producer of Battlefield 1) came out with a Battlefield 1 sizzle reel package with YouTubers/Twitch Streamers. He introduced Night maps in June and July and an expansion: In the Name of the Tsar. It will highlight fighting on the Eastern front with six new maps and a new story vignette focused on the Women’s Battalion of Death. Coming in September.

FIFA eSports. People winning a championship belt (which seems weird...like...why not a trophy?)

FIFA 18 continuing the story of Alex Hunter, their story mode player character from last year.

Need for Speed. Poor YouTube creator dealing with teleprompter issues is giving me flashbacks to Michael Bay. But at the same time, wing it dude. There was a rehearsal, right? You should have a general idea of your script.

Need for Speed Payback - showing a Fast and Furious-type heist mission.

A Way Out. A Prison Break-esque game by Josef Fares (Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons). A co-op game designed only for split-screen. Coming Early 2018.

Anthem tease, new IP partnering with Xbox for the full reveal tomorrow.

NBA Live 18. Be “The One.” Another Story mode for the streets or the league.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 star Janina. Showing off a bit of the game. And an extended multiplayer match on Theed.