PAX East 2017 - Day Three

The third and final day of PAX.

For me, this morning started off meeting up with my friend Amanda and heading over to the convention center (in an admittedly crappy Uber, where the driver's license plate didn't match the app???). But we at least were able to take a bit of the time to catch up and visit on our way to the convention center. Once we arrived, I snapped a quick picture of us and we went our separate ways.

I headed off to the No Clip panel, hosted by Danny O'Dwyer and Jeremy Jayne. They kicked things off by giving everybody silly little party hats to celebrate their 6-month-iversary as a company. They also teased a few of their upcoming documentaries, some of the ideas they've got their hearts set on, and even showed a preview of their upcoming series of interviews they held at GDC. Danny's passion for these projects is undeniable so I would definitely recommend anyone to consider supporting his Patreon for these projects. After the panel, I even stuck around for a bit just to watch Danny interact with his audience. Some of them suggested potential future projects, while others were looking for pictures or the opportunity to thank him for his work and inspiration. I didn't beg a question myself but it was still quite worthwhile to follow along and witness how he responded to his fan base.

Following this panel, I headed back downstairs to the Expo Hall for the last of my scheduled appointments: with Flipping Death, an indie game coming first to the Switch. I'll put together a more thorough preview later in the week but I tweeted out that the game has a (surprisingly) dark humor to it (for a Nintendo-esque game) and struck me as sharing traits of a Double Fine adventure game with platforming replacing the normal point-and-click mechanics.

After Flipping Death, I found my way to Emily is Away Too. I've heard great things about the original title (without having seen or played it myself) and I saw it here all weekend but didn't bother sitting down with it until today. Expect more impressions in a future preview, but it was a whole bundle of nostalgia rolled up in a single AIM-infused package.

I received a text from friend and Irrational Passions contributor Danny Juarez inviting me to a nearby Jimmy John's for lunch, so I headed over and joined him and Alex O'Neill. While I grabbed my soda, a nice person complimented the pin on my sports coat (of 16-bit Trevor) so I dug into my bag and handed him a copy of the pin as a thank you. The three of us talked about some of our PAX highlights while I ate (they had finished before I arrived). Then we headed back to the convention so I could attend my last panel.

"+1 to Journalism: Becoming a Better Writer" featured Ken Gagne, Susan Arendt, Alexander Sliwinski, and Jonathan Holmes. The four provided insight into their process, their favorite types of content and why they continue writing in an industry increasingly focused on video. I took a lot of notes on the panel, so I might put together a formal write-up detailing it later this week as well. But suffice it to say, it was another quality panel about how to work on finding potential work in the industry.

I met up with an internet friend I met following PAX South in Melissa Dingmon following the panel. We formally introduced ourselves (outside of our online personas that served as the link between us) and I briefly shared a bit of conversation with Susan Arendt. Once again, she left me awestruck in her presence, humor, and insight into the industry. It'd be amazing to try and work for her someday because I think she'd have a lot to teach me and she's drive me to always strive for a better quality of content.

With the show floor nearly closed, I made my way to the Tiny Build booth for one last game: Mr. Shifty. Another title I'll write more about later, Mr. Shifty (as I mentioned from PAX South) is unabashedly inspired by Hotline Miami. After a few levels, the show floor closed and I headed to the Media room under the (correct) assumption that the Irrational Passions team would be there. We all talked about some of our highlights and lowlights from the show.

Shout out to the whole team at Irrational Passions for working their asses off this week, by the way. They've already put up a ton of content and still have a lot more on the way throughout the coming week or so. As the Media room hours came to a close, we decided to go grab one last dinner together at Chipotle (continuing a tradition Alex has had going over multiple years, including our trip there last year). After dinner, a bunch of us went out to a hotel bar to wind down from the weekend and share a lot of our impressions and just enjoy a bit of our last hours together for awhile.

This has probably been my busiest PAX to date. I set up more appointments than ever before. I played more games on the floor than any previous PAX. And I probably even attended more panels than any event before. This was very much a "working" show for me. Unfortunately, that coincided with not being able to spend as much time with other friends during the event itself but all in all, I'm really proud of the work I did this weekend and the work still to come in the coming days.

Thanks to everyone who I spent time with (big or small) this weekend. It is always a pleasure. And thank you for reading.