PAX East 2017 - Day Two

After staying up late last night with the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, this morning started off a bit slow. I didn't have any appointments. Nobody in the room was overly eager to get to the show floor or attend any panels so we all just kind of slept for a bit. I woke up early enough to check Twitter before the show and see if people were heading over. Learning that it was absurdly cold at around 13 degrees Fahrenheit just added to the allure of staying in bed a bit longer.

Eventually, we all started to wake up. People took their showers and got ready. But we ultimately decided to try grabbing food before heading over to the convention (since some of us weren't exactly great about eating enough food yesterday). So after a lot of hemming and hawing, we just walked to an Irish pub across the street from the hotel (except Kaylie, who stayed in the room under the weather). We were also joined by Jasmine Townsel and her fiance Brian. It being an Irish pub, a few of us tweeted at Amy Gilroy in her honor. Then, we called our rides in order to get out to the convention center (because nobody felt like making that 20-30-minute walk).

At the convention, we first met up with Joe Ruffler working the Superfight booth. He had been cosplaying as Wilfred while working and we were going to try and get a picture. But he had already changed out of it by the time we arrived. From there, we walked around to check out a couple of booths. Amy Gilroy has been insisting some of us check out Super Rude Bear Ressurection. She played it at EGX last year and was swearing by it. So I finally figured out where it was and talked with the developer a bit while playing. I'll put together full impressions later but the short version is "Super Meat Boy with a bear player-character and a great soundtrack."

After that, Frank and I headed up to today's IGN panel about dumb games (but I grabbed some Dippin' Dots in honor of Joey Noelle on the way. Fellow Kinda Funny friend Dave Martinson caught up with us as we got in line so we visited until we got in to the panel. The panel was a fairly slapdash affair, with Marty Sliva and Alanah Pearce having invited a few guest panelists to join them (including Sean Vanaman from Campo Santo as people were entering the room for the panel). Everyone managed to pull a few stories together but they felt very hit or miss in terms of audience reaction. After the panel, we headed back downstairs in search of the Irrational Passions team. I wanted to give Alex a little something to celebrate him reaching his two-year anniversary of writing about games every day. But I wasn't able to find them so I just headed back up to the Media room instead to do some writing.

I was putting together my Semblance preview and eventually, the IP guys did indeed show up. So I handed off a couple of Harry Potter pins I had picked up for Alex when I was in Harry Potter land a few weeks back. The guys all did a bit more work as I finished up and the show floor closed. When the Media room itself closed around 7 PM, we decided to head back to our hotels to tide ourselves over until a bunch of us would reconvene at Rock Bottom for some drinks. Everyone else went to the IP hotel while I returned to mine. After dropping off my stuff, I met up with Kaylie, Xyger, Jasmine, and Brian down in the hotel lobby for a bit of pre-game drinking. They'd been there a little while and were already a couple drinks in. I had a couple myself before it was time to head to Rock Bottom.

As often happens with these kinds of meet-ups. There were far more people than anticipated (and than the venue is prepared to accommodate). But they did as best they could, adding tables to our group when the occupied ones nearby vacated. At its peak, I think we were up over 25 people this time out. Many conversations were happening all around the table as, once again, friends from around the country who don't get to see each other with any regularity get to connect and new people met and shared their PAX stories.

Eventually, the night wound down and we all started going our separate ways before this stupid Daylight Saving was going to rob us of our extra hour. As an Arizona native, I've never had to deal with the clocks changing - our time stays the same while the world changes around us. But here we are around 3:30AM and I'm going to call it a night, to prepare for the final day of PAX.