PAX West - Day Three

Day Three began with the exciting train wreck that is PAX Wrestling. The hour and a half panel actually started about thirty minutes late (which was admittedly a bit disappointing since the last one even had a bit of an impromptu pre-show). The panel itself was still a ton of fun and again will be featured more prominently in a later post. But they definitely ran long and had to cut some stuff, which is always a bit of a bummer. And it certainly didn’t have anything as momentous as last year’s evacuation of PAX (which led to the infamous “TURN ON THE FOG MACHINE” line).

The panel running a bit long meant that we were later getting to the line for the Kinda Funny panel, especially since we took a side detour to grab Jimmy John’s for lunch while we waited in line. The PAX Enforcer program was excellent while we waited for this panel with the affectionately named “Cello Enforcer” hanging out and playing a series of video game- and nerd-themed music on his cello for the crowd. It was a delightful bit of background ambiance and the line was enthralled has he played pieces from Skyrim, Game of Thrones, Halo, Super Mario 64, etc.

The Kinda Funny panel was a lot of fun, as usual, and Kevin was recording it so it’ll probably get posted an a Patreon-exclusive episode at some point. The big surprise was that Colin showed up. After saying for months he wasn’t attending the show but he would be in Seattle for a Dave Matthew’s Band concert. He’s dropped teases here and there that he might be attending and when Greg welcomed him up to the stage, the crowd went wild.

After the panel, the drain of the convention was starting to take a bit of its toll so I disappeared off to the hotel to get an hour or so of sleep. Eventually, I made my way back to the show floor to mingle with the community while they were all at the Rooster Teeth booth getting their Kinda Funny pictures and signings. I mingled with some fellow fans while others playing Million Dollars But… the game as the creator looked on.

As the signing wound down, I wished the Greg, Colin, Tim, Kevin, Gia, Erin, and Gen well, assuming I probably wouldn’t be seeing some or all of them again until the next trip. Then the fans started parting ways as well. Those of us still around walked around the floor for a little bit before departing to grab dinner. The party insisted on going right across the street to the Cheesecake Factory. But, you know, with tens of thousands of people attending an event right across the street, the line was a little long. The group had to wait roughly two hours to be seated. I decided to hop away to a panel hosted by my friends over at Toys for Games: “Gotta Collect ‘Em All…And That’s Okay.” In advance of the panel, I got to visit with Josh and Jason and the rest of their group, talking to them about their trip and getting to know them a bit better outside of our largely-Twitter-driven interactions.

Just as the panel ended, I got a text from Kaylie that they had finally been seated so I grabbed a quick giveaway from the panel (a Splatoon amiibo 3-pack for Xyger) and headed back down the street to join them. We enjoyed a nice and simple dinner, talked about our days, and how we are definitely feeling the effects of the long days of PAX. Then, we decided to go back to the hotel room (grabbing a bit of rum and coke on the way) and…uggghhhhh…watch yet another dumb, bad horror movie. Tonight’s winner: Crazy Bitches.

I swear to god I’m seriously considering staying alone on these future trips so I can avoid the endless levels of eye-rolling and cringing I suffer through. It’ll probably be better for my health.

Tomorrow brings us the final full day of PAX. Many people have already started to head back home so it could conceivably be the "least busy" day. We shall see how that plays out.