PAX West - Day Zero

Welcome back to the Trevor Trove event recaps. As is tradition, I’ll be providing daily recaps of my PAX West adventures. The plan for games and panels might be switched up a bit this time out.

Getting to Seattle

Friend and fellow Arizonan (at least for another week or so) Frank and I drove to the airport and made our way through security. Frank’s bag was subjected to an extra search. We thought it was because he was bringing along his Millions Dollars But… game. When we left Austin/RTX, his bag got searched because that game is just a big black box and was apparently raising a lot of red flags at the airport that weekend. But instead, it was a big 2 pound bag of Sour Patch Kids that he was bringing along for Xyger. The TSA swabbed the bag and – as it apparently had no bomb juices on it – gave it back to him and we were on our way.

We still had a couple hours to kill so we grabbed some grub and visited. Boarding area had a handful of other folks obviously going to PAX. Boarded the plane (and saved Frank a seat since we both forgot to check-in until super late but I know I do that so I just paid the extra Southwest fee to get checked-in automatically. The flight was a mix of sleep and Pokemon until we eventually landed in Seattle around 3:30pm.

More PAX attendees were all over the place once we arrived. We shared an elevator with a group and our Uber into the city was with another one. Frank and I checked in to our hotel (well, we picked up our keys because I had already authorized Kaylie to check-in since she was in town first). While Frank stayed back at the hotel and charged up his phone, I went to pick up my fancy schmancy Media Badge.

Oh and on the way there I walked right by Jason Vandenberghe aka the awesome For Honor Creative Director with the cane and bombastic delivery from the last two Ubisoft E3 conferences. But I didn’t remember his name off the top of my head so I just screamed “For Honor Dude” in my own head. But we had a delightful little Twitter exchange afterwards once I looked him up.

The Space Needle/Chihuly Glass Garden

Once back at the hotel, Frank and I soon departed to join friends Kaylie, Joseph, Xyger, and Gia at our pre-planned evening at the Space Needle and the nearby Chihuly Glass Garden exhibit. As we arrived, Xyger let us know they were actually having dinner at a taco shop we had just walked by. So we joined them for a quick bite and headed over to the Space Needle, where they took a delightfully cheesy photoshop picture of us.

We all headed up and had a delightful hour or so together at the top of the Space Needle, visiting and catching up since we had last seen each other. We took some fun pictures together. Those of us who were of age grabbed a drink. Eventually, Tim got into town so Gia departed to go meet up with him and the rest of us went back downstairs to the Chihuly exhibit. There was a very popular Chihuly exhibit at the Desert Botanical Gardens in Phoenix a year or so back so I was already familiar with the work: artistic glass sculptures sometimes designed to tie-in to the given setting. Pretty cool stuff.

Nindies and Ouija

Then, it was off to the EMP Museum right down the street for the Nindies, an event sponsored by Nintendo to showcase their indie developer games. I wrote about the Nintendo-sponsored Indie Game exhibit back when I visited in December so I was interested to see how the exhibit had changed. A few new games had been added (like Axiom Verge, Night in the Woods, Her Story, etc.) A few more Kinda Funny friends joined us and we visited some more while tweeting out in an effort to get ourselves up on the big video wall.

Ready to turn in, the group headed back to our hotel room. And…continuing my least favorite tradition started at Kinda Funny Live 2, decided to watch a dumb horror movie. Ouija has been playing behind me for the last hour or so while I’ve been writing this recap up. Oh hey, this one even has a character named Trevor. I hope him and the rest of these stupid kids die soon.

Tomorrow’s going to be a busy day and Daddy Trevor needs to get some sleep.

(And after a false alarm or two, movie Trevor died. Phew.)