RTX - The Panels I Attended (Part Two)

Continued from Part One, here are the rest of the panels I attended in Austin.

ScrewAttack vs. Kinda Funny (Saturday, 8:30pm)

Probably the best panel of the weekend for me.

Starting with the fact that my friends snuck in three cases of Coors Light to drink in line for the show or during it, the bad taste of the Mario Party After Dark panel from the night before washed away pretty quickly. (It probably also helped that I had a really lazy afternoon and slept the few hours before the panel). We pretty much all even skipped the guys' Cards Against Humanity panel going on right before this one in order to secure the best seats.

The one perk that came out of Kaylie being unable to attend was that Xyger gave me her VIP Pass to use so I wound up front row for this panel and got to sit next to Xyger, Andy, and Sean. Unfortunately, when wound up sitting on the wrong side of the stage from the Kinda Funny guys but because pretty much our entire group followed suit and was sitting in a very tight-knit company, we probably gave a much stronger impression of support than the room's ratio would actually suggest.

The panel kicked off with a pre-produced package explaining the history of the ScrewAttack vs. panel which has traditional been targeted against Mega64, leading into this year's feud with Kinda Funny. They then played the Kinda Funny response video but had a serious delay in the audio. They tried a second time but with no improvement so they just let the video play with the video and sound about 5-10 seconds out of sync. ScrewAttack managed to out-garbage truck on fire Kinda Funny. No easy feat.

With the stage set, each team made their entrances, with the Kinda Funny guys coming out in the same Aerobics Champions entrance they did for Kinda Funny Live 2.

The rules were set that the panel would be a Best of five series. The games on the docket: WWE All StarsCrash Team Racing, Wii Sports Tennis, Gone Home, and Gang Beasts.

(Apologies up front, I have no idea the names of the guys from ScrewAttack outside of Craig. Though, as was pointed out by a few friends, the crowd seemed to be cheering for Sean/Shawn a lot so I'm guessing I could just say Sean and be right half the time).

WWE All Stars was up first with Greg playing as The Rock and probably Sean playing as Stone Cold Steve Austin. Greg joked about having not played the game since reviewing it for IGN back in 2011 (he gave it a 7.0). Considering it was one of ScrewAttack's picks, I anticipated they would dominate. But Greg got a very quick 3-count to win the match. The ScrewAttack guys then came in to say that it was supposed to be a best of three competition but they forgot to mention it up front. Greg went along with it and got another surprisingly quick 3-count. Made me think the ScrewAttack guys were throwing that first match because I gotta believe he wasn't even trying to break the pins.

Up next, Tim's choice: Crash Team Racing. Tim battled other Sean in a winner take all cup race of (I think) four courses (they kind of all blurred together). Sean won the first race, then Tim, then Sean took the last two, tying the competition up at 1 to 1. I think that's how it went down at least. It was a few days ago and it's a bit of a blur. The general theme though was that they both had a mutual love and respect for each other because they felt this game was better than the Mario Kart of the time.

Third, we got Nick versus Craig in Wii Sports Tennis. Knowing he wouldn't be good at the game, Nick just went all in on trying to make the crowd laugh, repeatedly putting the Wiimote down his unitard and always keeping the microphone in his other hand (unless he was also putting that down his unitard). Craig easily beat Nick. ScrewAttack up 2 to 1.

Then came the oddball choice: Gone Home. Greg specifically requested a "Mitten's Speed Run" race for the game where you go through the game as quickly as possible, getting Mitten's hidden diary and completing the game. Greg was up first. For some reason they decided to start timing from when you hit start, which meant Greg got stuck behind 30 seconds of a loading screen to start the run. But he went through opening doors and turning on lights in order to chase down the optimal route. He got hung up throwing stuff to knock the ball down in the garage though as it took him three tries with a milk carton before he got the ball in hand. Finally, he got upstairs, dunked the ball, and raced toward the attic coming in at 4 minutes and change. Third Sean followed, only got a 13-second load screen, and talked about taking a longer route but also not wasting time turning on lights and such. He had a somewhat smoother run and got Mitten's ball on the first try. Looking like he was going to lose, Greg started on the microphone with a teary-eyed thank you to the SGC fans for letting them come do this before he doused third Sean with baby powder in his eyes, debilitating him and pushing him past Greg's time, securing the Kinda Funny win and tying it up 2-2. Loved that they brought in this kind of nonsense from something like PAXAMANIA.

So that brought everything down to Gang Beasts. Team Kinda Funny vs. Craig and probably a couple of Seans from ScrewAttack. Except right out the gate, Tim Gettys pulled a double-cross and switched over to team ScrewAttack as Craig gave him an SGC @RTX shirt and everything. But at some point during the first round, while I was tweeting out this news, Craig apparently accidently killed Tim, so he took the shirt off and switched back to Team Kinda Funny. The insanity of not knowing who was on which team persisted until it was down to just Greg versus one of the Seans. And sadly, the fearless Kinda Funny leader was defeated, with ScrewAttack securing their victory.

Everyone thanked the crowd and made their peace until a member of Mega64 came out and "knocked out" Craig, demanding that at next year's SGC, it be a triple threat match: ScrewAttack vs Mega64 vs Kinda Funny. Overall, a ton of fun, and definitely something worth tuning in for next year.

Rooster Teeth Games (Sunday, 12pm)

In a great show of solidarity for the community that Kinda Funny has helped develop, myself and a lot of other fans attended this Rooster Teeth Games panel to support Andy Cortez and his team working on RWBY: Grimm Eclipse over the Let's Play panel featuring Greg and other members of the Let's Play team.

The team was excited for all of the hardwork that had gone into this fan-made-game-turned full-fledged-release. Having been in Steam's Early Access program for few months, yesterday marked the official release of the game.

The RT Games team also mentioned that the game is being ported to consoles (hopefully by the end of 2016, they said). They mentioned that Dave Fennoy is the main antagonist of the game, which got a bit of a pop from the Kinda Funny fans. And they told the story of the Million Dollars, But... card game basically being designed and pitched overnight.

Then they went into an audience Q and A portion and discussed things like other ideas they might be interested in as a team, trying to cut down on the "Triple-A-ness" of the game (which playfully sounds like "triple anus," of course), what it was like working with the RWBY team, and more. All in all, Andy was definitely having a great time up there, cracking jokes, and getting a great response from the admittedly biased crowd.

H1Z1 RTX Showdown (Sunday, 3:30pm)

Last but not least, a bunch of us gathered together for the H1Z1 RTX Showdown panel, which served as the lead-in to many of the group's goodbyes. The story behind this panel was that one member from the Let's Play teams (ScrewAttack, Achievement Hunter, Creatures, Funhaus, and Kinda Funny) would be the team captains and would each have a team of 11 other players in charge of protecting them (1 in person onstage and 10 playing from home in the private server).

Especially exciting was knowing that Alfredo Diaz and Jackie Butler were on team Kinda Funny and basically calling all of the shots, since I used to watch Alfredo stream this game (and that's really the only reason I know anything about H1Z1). The panel was set up for two rounds, with the winner being the team who's captain survived the longest.

With all the teams teleported together to different placed on the map to start, both games actually started out pretty slow, with all of the teams gathering supplies. And with everyone onstage focused on the game itself, the audience was left in the hands of the two broadcast hosts, which was less than exciting. They seemed to know very little about the people playing the game so they just kept talking a lot about the game itself and trying to give the slightest bit of color commentary.

Eventually though, the gas started forcing the players together and the chaos started to ensue. Greg and Alfredo's plan in the first round was very much centered around Alfredo chauffeuring Greg around pretty much the entire time. And it largely worked as a strategy with Greg survived to the final two captains and only dying when he and Alfredo were flanked and forced off a cliff. Greg jumped out before it exploded but was killed shortly thereafter.

Round two went largely the same way except that this time Jackie drove Greg around while Alfredo actually went on a bit of a rampage, managing to take out at least two of the other team's captains by himself. Finally, as it did in the first round, the match came down to ScrewAttack and Kinda Funny. But in this second round, Greg came out on top, as a rogue member of the Creatures team avenged their fallen leader by going on a rampage again (probably still Sean) from ScrewAttack.

So rather than do things scientifically like comparing the standings in the matches themselves, the commentators threw it to the crowd to determine which of the two winners would take the overall match, and the prize plaque that came with that victory. And despite what I thought was a bigger response to Greg, they gave the win to ScrewAttack.

Oh well, it was still way more fun than I thought I was going to have.

And with that, we said our goodbyes and Xyger, Frank, and I headed off to the airport to return to our normal lives.

See you in a couple months PAX West.