RTX - Day One Recap

Today was my first day at my first Rooster Teeth Expo. As I wrote about last week, I don't exactly have a connection to Rooster Teeth content so I'm pretty much her to see Kinda Funny and friends. But all in all, I had a pretty solid first experience.

Shortly after I wrapped up my post from Sky Harbor airport last night, I did indeed board a plane and get to Austin, landing around 1 AM. The hour and a half delay wound up working in my favor as it turned out. By the time I picked up my luggage, my friends and roommates for the trip were free and able to grab me from the airport, saving me the ride sharing drive to the hotel.

Christian (aka PixelBrave who always puts together amazing recap videos for these events) is local to Austin so he was able to drive to the airport and grab me. He had all of my roommates for this trip in the car with him: Jonathan (aka Xyger), Frank (aka IrrelevantJokes), and Joe (aka SomethingGamez). Christian got us to the hotel and we checked in.

Now, if you've been following these event recaps of mine for a while now, you may have picked up on the trend of cramming as many people into the room as possible. There were 7 or 8 of us at PAX South, 11 at PAX East, and 9 at Kinda Funny Live 2. And at Kinda Funny Live 2, I kind of reached my "I'm too old for this" breaking point (that many people sharing a bathroom, the inability to walk around without stepping on people, the smell that can accumulate with that many bodies over time). So for this trip I kindly requested with my friends that we cap the room. It was supposed to be me, Xyger, Joe, Frank, and Kaylie in a double queen room (with Kaylie joining us today). A last-minute change of plans actually kept Kaylie from making the trip up today but we soldiered on. Probably in part because instead of a double queen bed room, they gave me a one bedroom king suite. Between the king bed, the pull-out sofa, and the extra standalone full, there was ample room this time. We even figured with all of the comfortable chairs, we might have been able to put 8 in here without using the floor. But I'm still very grateful that I'm not having to fight for shower time.

Actual Day One Stuff

Anyway, we started waking up today with the first main item on the agenda the 1 pm Kinda Funny panel. I was a bit tired from yesterday still so I lagged behind a bit after the rest of them left for the convention center to relax and take a shower. When I finally got to the convention center, my suspicion that this would effectively be a mini-PAX was confirmed. Unfortunately, when I walked in I didn't get the best instructions on where to get my badge so there was a lot of walking and we actually decided to head to another pick-up location where the line was shorter. By the time I got my badge and got back to the venue, we were about twenty minutes from the panel starting. I got to catch up with some friends, take some pictures, and grab a seat.

As per usual on these recaps, I'll dedicate a separate post next week to the Panels so I won't go into the specifics of the Kinda Funny panel other than to say: Greg called Sisqo live and he was a great sport about it.

After the panel, I got to say hi to Kevin, Gia, Nick, Tim, and Greg and chat with most of them for a few moments. At a smaller show like this (compared to Kinda Funny Live or PlayStation Experience), there's definitely a sense of getting a bit more intimate with the guys. I talked to them all about their excitement for the new studio and they were a various mix of excited and stressed, depending on how much work they had ahead of them. I'm excited. And I hope they don't kill themselves over it.

Afterwards, I led our little group down to the show floor to say hi to Amanda from Lipstick Nerds, who is here for her work with Perfect World showcasing their new game: Live Lock. And (unlike my experiences at PAX), I actually played this one. So just like the panels, I'll have a separate post about the games i play coming later in the week.

After saying hi to Amanda and a brief stop at Filthy Casual across the aisle, we headed over to Joe, who was volunteering at the Superfight booth and let him give us a demo of the games on display. Then Frank wanted to run through the Rooster Teeth merchandise area so we hopped in line there. There wasn't too much in the way of Kinda Funny merchandise and most of what they did have was the new merchandise that launched on the Kinda Funny store a couple days ago (a beanie, a tumbler, a shot glass, and a keychain).

Then, we headed back to the hotel room for a little break in order to recharge some phones and drop some stuff off. After a brief reprieve, we headed to P. Terry's Burger Stand for dinner. Good burger, fries were ok (a bit too greasy and not enough salt for me). Grabbed a couple things from CVS Pharmacy and went back to the hotel room to drink and play some Million Dollars But... (the new card game from Rooster Teeth, which I will also go into in the games played post later in the week).

To round out the evening, we walked over to the Mario Party After Dark panel at 11 PM. This was specifically a panel in the SGC component of RTX and we were pretty much just there to support Greg. Lots of Mario Party and lots of SGC references. Frank told me afterward that he totally understood how I must feel when I'm sitting through Rooster Teeth content and all of the inside jokes that are flying over my head. So at least we had that in common with the panel.

From there, I headed back to the room to write this up while the rest of the gang stayed out a bit longer and grabbed Whataburger (and flashbacks to PAX South continue).

So, now that it's almost 3:30 AM in Austin, I'm going to turn in and get a bit of sleep before returning to the show tomorrow. Thanks for reading!