Scouting the Commonwealth - The Adventures of James Stark Part 2

After playing very little in the way of gaming since Kinda Funny Live, I returned to Fallout 4 for a healthy (or unhealthy depending on your narrative) number of hours today. I started the day out going on a mini-recruitment spree, gathering up Cait from the Combat Zone, and Strong from Trinity Tour. I entered Goodneighbor but haven't bothered to get Hancock yet, and I just joined the Railroad so I'll be getting Deacon to join the party soon.

As for other notable events, I solved a murder mystery or two for Valentine. I picked up a legendary double-barrel shotgun that causes bleeding so that's making quick work of a lot of enemies and I love it. I also hit up the crashed UFO site once I passed level 20. I threw on some Power Armor and took back the Castle for the Minutemen. And Cait shared with me that she had an addiction to Psycho, so we went way down south to Vault 95 in an effort to cure her of the addiction.

As far as mischievous Vault-Tec experiments go, I was a little let down by Vault 95. They rounded up a bunch of junkies and kept them clean for five years (seemingly replacing their fixation with lots of cigarettes and coffee if the junk left around the Vault was any indication), then one of the residents (a deep cover Vault-Tec employee) "uncovered" a hidden stash of drugs. Based on all of the terminals pretty much ending their documentation on or around that day, it would seem it didn't take long before the whole Vault had killed themselves either by overdosing or by fighting each other for more. Oh well, I got Cait clean, at least.

I'm up to Level 22 now and I've been focusing on my Lockpicking and Hacking skills so I can now lockpick and hack Master locks/terminals. The Commonwealth is my oyster. That reminds me, though, that I need to go back to Vault 111 and pick up that Cryo gun.

Other than that I'm enjoying running around and discovering new map locations that I didn't uncover during my last playthrough. I entered a chemical plant called HalluciGen and enjoyed as Gunners were shooting each other due to the madness-inducing drugs that had leaked throughout the facility. And I was quickly and utterly destroyed by and Alpha Deathclaw that caught me unawares on my way down to Vault 95.

All in all, a fun, lazy day running around the Commonwealth and shootin' lots of things.