Let's Play Live 2 Weekend - Part Two

Click here for Part One of my Let's Play Live activities.


I actually wound up spending pretty much all day Saturday with Lauren as well. I was originally going to go to Disneyland with my local friends, but as they wound up having to work unexpectedly on Saturday, we scrapped those plans. So I had some time to kill Saturday before they'd even be available. After lazily sleeping in a bit and lounging around, Lauren and I eventually woke up. Nothing romantically-inclined had happened between us but that didn't stop us from having a little fun with the rest of the Facebook administrators in our group chat, sending pictures of me in her bed, and plenty of innuendo-laden comments.

Eventually, we got up, got dressed (see how easy those suggestive comments can be), and went out to lunch. While out, my LA friends suggested a game plan for the day: Finding Dory, dinner/drinks, and then a friends' birthday party later. I asked if I could bring Lauren along and they excitedly said yes. So there we had it. Lauren and I finished lunch, grabbed a quick drink at the nearby Starbucks, complete with a piano player who sang, among other things, the theme song from Louie. We headed back to Lauren's for a bit. I briefly met her roommate and her roommate's boyfriend. Then, we hung out until it was time to head to the movie.

Finding Dory was delightful. I didn't really have any expectations going into it. I certainly hadn't been keeping up on the reviews. But it, as with many Pixar films, had a great mix of humor and heart.

For dinner, we went to a make-your-own-pizza place in Burbank and finally had a chance to formally introduce Lauren to my friends from college Hanna and Chaz (we arrived during the previews so there was no pre-show mingling). Everyone hit it off nicely: a fun blend of college talk, gaming talk, and LA life talk.

Weirdly, I just received a message on the Kinda Funny Forums today from someone asking if it was me they had seen at that pizza place in Burbank Saturday night. What a small world. Wish he had come up to say "hi." That would have been pretty cool.

Anyway, after dinner it was back to Chaz/Hanna's apartment complex to hang out for a couple more hours until the party. We drank, mingled, watched Hulu/YouTube, and eventually caught a Lyft to a a liquor store, grabbed more alcohol, and walked down the street to the house party.

I'm probably too old for college-style house parties where I barely know anyone at the party. I mean, I was probably too old for it when I was in college too because it has never been my scene but I definitely felt out of place. Fortunately, I tended to just gravitate toward the people I knew, including a couple more former college friends I hadn't talked to in years. My friends were having a good time, though so that was great to see, and I think they bonded well and will hopefully develop they're own friendship in my absence.

Sometime after a stray dog who reminded everyone of a Game of Thrones direwolf arrived, we decided to call it a night. I got my stuff out of Lauren's car and bid her a good night as she had a shopping date the next day, and turned in on the couch of Chaz's place (Hanna lives about four doors down but has a smaller couch).


After another lazy morning, we eventually, went to a nearby lunch spot and had a good time reminiscing about the previous night's festivities, including the action Chaz's roommate got while we were out (which she thought was going to shock us all but even I knew about a minute into meeting her and her friend before the party how their night was going to play out).

After lunch, Hanna and Chaz took me bowling for a couple of games. Haven't bowled in a while. Not really good at it anymore. But we still had a good time.

Then it was back to the apartment for a couple hours of watching the show Happy Endings on Hulu before taking me to the airport. An all-around lazy Sunday and a nice way to end the whirlwind of a weekend trip. Caught the last of the NBA Finals game alongside everyone else at Burbank Airport while waiting for my flight. Then it was back home to Phoenix.

Minor bit of turbulence as my mother picked me up and drove me home. Less than a mile from my house, we noticed a pretty big fire to the west of my complex. And then, just as we pull up to my parking spot, the power of the whole complex went out. I immediately realized that I had left my air conditioning off while in LA and it was around 110 degrees (at 10pm!). So while my mother offered her couch a few miles down the road, I first decided to go grab food and hope that power would be restored when I got back. It wasn't but they had a decent time table of when the power would come back on so I ate my food lit up by my laptop and cellphone. I turned in for the night (or until it became too unbearable to suffer through it) and fortunately a few minutes later, my air conditioner hummed to life as the first indication my power was back online. Phew.

All in all, a great weekend with friends and memories. Thanks for letting this post serve more as a journal entry in my life than any sort of gaming commentary.