E3 2016 - Nintendo Predictions

Back when I put together the schedule for this week of E3 predictions, I kicked around the idea of not even including Nintendo at all. They've come out and said that the NX won't be at E3. They've said they're not doing a typical Nintendo Direct-style Digital Event conference, instead choosing to focus specifically on a Nintendo Treehouse: Live demo of the upcoming The Legend of Zelda game. And that's pretty much it. So what really is there to predict. Nintendo has been so removed from E3 in recent years anyway that there's no way this is all a feint to pull a surprise NX reveal. So what is there left to predict?  They've just said Tuesday will focus on Pokemon Sun and Moon and the new Legend of Zelda, while Wednesday's stream will focus on Pokemon GO, Monster Hunger Generations, Dragon Quest VII: Fragments of the Forgotten Past and Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE. Seven games (and that's counting Pokemon Sun/Moon as two). So let's see what I can come up with...

1.  Mother 3 finally gets localized for Wii U Virtual Console. More wishful thinking and hoping than anything else, really, but rumors are always swirling about this game finally coming West. Mother was finally localized last year as Earthbound: Beginnings. Earthbound came to the New 3DS Virtual Console in March of this year. So maybe...just maybe...they'll do the only thing that will get me to turn my Wii U back on and finally give us a proper way to play the game. But probably not because I can't remember the last time Nintendo did anything I would have wanted them to do...

2.  Dragon Quest VII: Fragments of the Forgotten Past and Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King will get Western release dates. Dragon Quest VII will be available next month. Dragon Quest VIII will be available December. Both of these titles have been confirmed for 2016, last being referenced during Nintendo's March Direct. Both of them are two great installments in the series. So just like Mother 3 could get me to turn on my Wii U, these games could get me to play around with my 3DS during my upcoming travels. Complete shot in the dark on the dates. I think they'd be foolish to launch them both at the same time since I put 100 hours into Dragon Quest VII and never beat it properly. So if they want to actually sell both games, they'll want to spread them out throughout the rest of the year.

3.  Pokemon GO release date announced for July. Field tests are currently going on for the game in the States. Media sites like IGN and Gamespot went hands-on with it this last week. The Nintendo livestream plan says they're going to start their Wednesday stream at 10 AM PT with a special Q & A session with the Pokemon GO developers. So what better question to answer than "when is it coming out?"

4.  Link has a voice. And we'll see and hear from Zelda and Ganon, too. In the extended gameplay that we see, Link will speak. The internet will freak out (because internet). If they announce the voice actor or show behind the scenes imagery with him, it won't be a big name like Troy Baker or Nolan North or anyone really "known" in the industry. Just some guy, kind of like Charles Martinet. We'll also see the first footage of Zelda and Ganon and hear what they sound like in this iteration of the game.

5. The Legend of Zelda gets a proper title. Releasing March 24, 2017. It will likely coincide with the NX launch but Nintendo will stick to their guns and NOT announce NX details here at this event. The Legend of Zelda livestream on Tuesday will start with the announcement of the proper title of the game. And then they'll stretch out the entire Treehouse event and announce the release date at the end. And they'll think they were very coy about it but the Twitch chat of the stream will basically just be an endless stream of "date?"

So there you have the 5 predictions I managed to cobble together. It's weird because they are dedicating two days of livestreaming (Tuesday, June 14th starting at 9AM PT and Wednesday, June 15 starting at 10AM PT) but they've already squashed most of the things people would have predicted from them. We'll see if I get any of them right next week.