Kinda Funny Live 2 - Getting More Involved

As my last little bit of lingering coverage on Kinda Funny Live 2, I wanted to speak to one of the questions I got this weekend:

"How can I be more involved/visible in the Kinda Funny community?"

I was a bit taken back the first time I was asked this because it just wasn't something I imagined anyone would ask me. But i did my best to piece together an answer. Then, as the question was asked over and over, I got a little more practiced at my response. So here are Trevor's Tips and Tricks for getting more involved in the Kinda Funny community.

  1. Ask yourself if you're doing it for the right reasons? Right up front, are you looking to be more active and visible just because you're trying to grow an audience on Twitch, YouTube, podcast, etc.? Because if so, this might not be the right approach. If you're looking for like-minded Best Friends to talk about anything and everything with, read on. Not saying you can't do both. But if your priority is to try and get a little bit of internet fame off of the community, this might not be the best fit.
  2. Join the communities. There's the Facebook group. The Kinda Funny Forums. Hang out in the Twitch chat during Colin and Greg Live. Follow some other Best Friends on Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. I think there's a Kinda Funny subreddit (can't really speak to that site). Anyway, go to the places online where the community hangs out. We can't see you if you're not there.
  3. Engage and support. Just signing up for these things won't get you anywhere. Actively participate in them. In the Facebook group, comment on posts or make your own (please read the group description for the rules first but they basically boil down to "don't be a dick"). Come and throw your two cents in when Colin and Greg read a news story (but for the love of god don't spam the chat during the giveaway portions. That's not how it works!). Check out what you're fellow Best Friends are up to. Again, don't come here expecting to build an audience but that can certainly be a by-product of following people who have become content creators after being inspired by the guys. So maybe get invested in a couple of other people in the community. Doing any of these things long enough will eventually get you noticing the same people and they, in turn, will likely be noticing you.
  4. Be the Positive Change You Want to See in the World - When you see people being negative online, speak out about it and counteract it with positivity. In the facebook group, if people start name-calling, tell them that's not how we behave in this community. If you had a great time with a game, Tweet at the developers and let them know. Give a voice to the so-called silent majority. Don't let the vocal minority dominate the conversation.
  5. Don't Be Afraid to Try Sliding Into Those DMs - Once you've followed steps 2-4 and established a good rapport with your fellow Best Friends, don't be afraid to take the conversations out of the public eye. If you follow each other on Twitter or your friends on Facebook, start up a DM to get into the deeper/longer conversations that come with building a friendship. Things that don't fit in 140 characters or without clicking a "see more" button. Hell, if you're feeling really adventurous, trade contact info or set up Skype calls/Google Hangouts. If you're the kind of person that likes multiplayer gaming, maybe you'll find people to play with.
  6. Make Your Own Meet-and-Greets - If you have the means, try and make it out to events where you might come across other Kinda Funny Best Friends. This doesn't have to be the Kinda Funny Lives or the PAXes of the world. This might be a local Comic-con. Or even a Taco Bell. Put the feelers out in the community to see if there are any other friends in your area. That's the best way to engage in those conversations and put faces to the many different names we might know each other by.
  7. Remember we're already all Best Friends - This one's especially important for introverts. If your looking to make a friend in the Kinda Funny community you already have one thing in common as a jumping off point: you love Kinda Funny. So talk about your favorite shows, how you got introduced to them, or joke about your favorite topics. Then branch out from there. Do you like the same video games, TV shows, movies, etc.? Before long you're talking to these people about things you've never told anyone else and a lifelong friendship has been forged.
  8. Pay It Forward - Do what you can to help others make these friendships! Organize bigger group meet-and-greets or events in your community. Reach out to other people in the community about planning community events at larger things like PAX or PSX or KFL, even if you aren't local or can't attend yourself. You can always do research on cool places to eat or great things to do. Keep an eye on the forums for when other people are planning events and spread the world. Try to give back to the community if it gives to you.

So there you have it: my guide to trying to get more involved in the community. I hope this helps.