Kinda Funny Live 2 - Meet and Greet, Podcasts

After realizing what a diehard fanbase was in attendance last night, a handful of us headed over to the theatre at 9am for the 12pm VIP opening. One of us was even there extra early for the general admission opening at 2pm. We showed up and a couple (Mike and Amber) arrived just ahead of us so we were almost first.

And on the general admission side of things, you can never beat Greg Atlas to these kinds of events.

Over the course of the next few hours, we continued to mingle, ordered a pizza, and chatted with Kevin. After congratulating him on his engagement and the show, we started talking a little bit about the studio. It sounds like they've had it for about a month (and it was indeed what Nick alluded to in the recent episode of the GameOverGreggy Show). Kevin was very excited because he wound up finding the place (it's right above his favorite comic shop) and it's really close to where he lives.

Shortly before the venue opened at noon, Tim sent out a tweet announcing the schedule for the day's events:

  • 12-2pm - VIP Meet-and-Greet
  • 2pm - General Admission
  • 2:30-3pm - Overwatch Let's Play video
  • 3-4pm - Achievement Hunter and Funhaus on stage; Kinda Funny, Gus, and Barb at signing table.
  • 4-5pm - Kinda Funny, Gus, and Barb on stage; Achievement Hunter and Funhaus at signing table.
  • 5-6pm - Kinda Funny Best Friends playing 8-player Super Smash Bros. on the giant projector screen.

And that's pretty much what happened.

In all honesty, Sunday wound up being a chance for me to visit with a ton of people so I didn't catch much of the "official" lineup. It is a surreal experience being stopped and asked for pictures or people wanting to talk to me because I'm, as Ryan (aka @mythicaljew) put it, a "pillar of the community." I tried to ask pretty much everyone the same questions: "What was your favorite moment of the show? When did you get in town? (If applicable) Did you make it out to any of the community events?" Hearing people's stories was amazing! I loved hearing about members of the group coming together, in the same way that I've found friends.

While all of these conversations were going on. The Off Topic podcast did a show for an hour. And then the Kinda Funny guys did an hour. While I was grabbing a drink at the bar, Greg happened to call me out and thank me for my recaps this week. In doing so, he wanted to correct me on a mistake I had made regarding Colin Was Right. I originally wrote that the show would feature Colin talking with other industry people like Jim Sterling and Danny O'Dwyer. Incorrect. It will actually been him talking to the camera in the same way that Sterling and O'Dwyer do on their Jimquisition and The Point shows, respectively.

This is actually extra cool because way back when I had my Patreon dinner with them a year ago, we talked about his video on Kojima and how it could be a way to take the writing that made him a standout at IGN and put it in a video-friendly format. I even pitched the name "Colin Was Write." But this works too. Simpler.

Anyway, I immediately hopped on my phone to update this on the blog and then did my best to get up front to tell them it was fixed.

After the GameOverGreggy Show, I swung over to the wall and charged up my phone.

Then a group of us headed over to the Taco Shop at Underdogs. While there, we learned that the planned after party has a $25-30 cover charge. So plans changed to the Marriott Marquis lobby bar. Greg showed up and we had a great time. More conversations and friendships ensued. We managed to get a picture of all of the Facebook group admins who were at the party (including Greg).

All-in-all, it was a beautiful way to end the weekend. A lot of people who had early flights said their goodbyes and made the rounds of hugs.

Of course, then some of us went to Denny's at 2am. Which is always a good/bad idea. Our group of seven stumbled in and came across another group of our friends from the party. Rather than overwhelm the Denny's into serving 20 of us in a group, we stayed separate. One meal of questionable quality later and we walked back to the hotel.

People were lamenting the end of Kinda Funny Live 2, but I attested to the fact that Kinda Funny wasn't over until we stopped hanging out with each other at things like the Picnic in the Park event set for Monday afternoon.