Kinda Funny Live 2 - Best Friends Assemble

Today was my first "unofficial" day of Kinda Funny Live 2. After a relatively sleepless night due to the excitement of the coming week, I woke up around 5:30am, in order to finish the last little bit of packing (i.e. throw in a surge protector because outlets are a rare commodity with nine people in a room). Now, in order to keep everyone in my room on the same page, we've had a Facebook group message running for a while. So when I woke up to messages saying somebody had missed their flight (and would be arriving about 8 hours later than originally planned) and multiple instances of long security lines and near misses, I was a little concerned. But my friend Frank Bozzani (who stayed with me at PAX South) swung by to pick me up on the way to the airport around 6 for our 8:15am flight so I figured, ultimately we would probably be fine. And sure enough, we were. There was certainly a little bit longer of a line compared to when I flew out to Boston or San Antonio earlier this year, but that's to be expected with Memorial Day travel.

After we got through security, we met up with Cameron Abbott (my roommate from last year's Kinda Funny Live) at our gate. Well, actually, first we looked at a couple souvenir shop mugs to give to Tom Hawkins for Hawkins Tea Time. But I already picked up one for him the day prior rather than spend $20 on overpriced airport trinkets (but shhh...don't tell Tom. I haven't given it to him yet). Anyway, then we met up with Cameron and hung out while we waited to board. Cameron, Frank, and I have probably only hung out once before all together over lunch at Portillo's in Scottsdale (as is appropriate in this community). But we immediately fell into familiar rhythms, talking about Kinda Funny, games, Rooster Teeth, etc.

The flight itself was pretty quick and painless, just shy of two hours. In San Francisco, we were joined by Joe Ruffler (a fellow roommate from PAX South and East). We all shared an Uber down to our hotel downtown and checked in. Kaylie Woomer and Xyger (also from PAX East) were the next two expected to join us but Kaylie's flight had been delayed an hour. So while we waited for them, we settled into the room and relaxed for a bit. Finally, I got word from the two that they were on their way so I went down to the lobby to wait for them and hand them some keys.

After getting them settled in and dropping off their bags, we all went down the street to Chipotle for a quick lunch. Alex Aziz (former GameOverGreggy Patreon guest) joined us. Most of us hadn't eaten since our days began so it was nice to get some food in our collective stomachs. It was also great catching up with people I hadn't seen in a few months. When we got back to the hotel, we got word that Tom and Amy Gilroy were en route from the airport. So we all just hung out in the lobby waiting for them to arrive. They arrived and everybody else was distracted so I got to give them the first round of hugs. Yay! Both of them were super exhausted though. But we all chatted and caught up. Ally Mushka also came over to join us. And newcomer to the group John from Ireland tweeted at me asking if he could come by and we gladly welcomed him into the fold.

After a bit more conversation in the lobby, we started to disperse for dinner. Most of us migrated over to the Taco Shop at Underdog's, a Best Friend favorite that I absolutely have to hit up any time I'm in San Francisco. While there we connected with Brian "Nabeshin" Jackson and Alex O'Neill from Irrational Passions, Barrett Courtney from BZGamers, Dave Martinson, and Christian Puente. Nabeshin and Christian round out our initial party of eight roommates (Luis Menchaca completes our fellowship when he arrives tomorrow). Underdog's featured, as usual, great burritos and great conversation. Jordan Town, a young man who recorded today's GameOverGreggy show that will go live Friday for Patreon supporters, showed up briefly to introduce himself.

Originally, we were going to continue on and have a second dinner at In & Out to welcome Sean Pitts and Fred Sullivan to San Francisco but most of us were wiped from the long day of travel and ready to relax. So while Barrett and Alex O. and maybe a few others went to pick up some Knerds from the airport, the rest of us headed back to the hotel to settle in for the night.

And so we've just kind of quietly been relaxing. I've been writing this on and off for the last couple hours while we've all just visited about anything and everything. As I type these words, my roommate Cameron (who I put on blast when I appeared on the Gamescast for loudly snoring) is at it again. As someone pointed out, "why is the big snorer always the first to fall asleep?!" But this time I came prepared, bringing ear plugs for everyone in the room. So we'll see how well they work drowning out the noise.

Can't wait to keep hanging out with the rest of the Kinda Funny Best Friends with the bevy of community events tomorrow.