Kinda Funny Live 2 Predictions

Tomorrow I fly out to San Francisco for Kinda Funny Live 2. As I typically do for events, I'll be spending the next week recapping my experience, including all of the community-driven events throughout the lead-up to Saturday and Sunday. And since the Kinda Funny guys have said this show is going to big bigger and crazier than last years, I figured why not make some predictions as to what that might mean.

Side note before I begin: I have talked to Tim Gettys about getting a run-down of the big announcements in advance of the show so that I can prep some of my recap in order to publish it as announcements are made. But he's in super crunch mode so he hasn't sent me anything (and he may not when all is said and done and the Saturday/Sunday recaps might just go up later). So since he hasn't sent me anything yet, I'm working purely off of speculation; no insider knowledge at play.

The Show

By expanding to a two-day show this year, the guys are opening themselves up to a lot more opportunities. Last year could basically boil down to the Presidential Debate, a live episode of the GameOverGreggy Show, a musical performance by Tonedeff, and the press conference featuring a lot of announcements for the future of Kinda Funny.

So this year it's broken out with Saturday dubbed "The Show" and Sunday dubbed "Podcasts/Meet-and-Greets/Signings" so here's my predictions on what that might entail...


On today's topic of the GameOverGreggy Show, the guys suggest that there's a lot more video content this year. Probably stuff along the lines of the "Talk Shit, Get Shot" video from last year's debate. So I imagine this will be largely a mix of live bits with guests (see below), pre-recorded bits with guests, and the "Press Conference" complete with new announcements.

It's already confirmed that we're also going to get performances from MegaRan and Grimecraft via Twitter. Given that last year's show featured a lot of intermissions to give the guys breaks/give everyone else the chance to drink. I think Grimecraft will probably keep those intermissions "LIT" as he would say. And I imagine MegaRan will be the Tonedeff-style mid-show musical act.

As far as other segments, I think we'll get a peek at the new election-themed season of A Conversation with Colin (much like we got a tease of Love and Sex Stuff at last year's show). I would like to predict we'll see the next episode of the Animated Series but since the last one was so delayed it doesn't seem likely. That said, I think we'll get the first look at the Animated Series theme song and opening. Tim and Nick were recording it in LA when they were down there a while back so it seems like that could be in a pretty good place and ready for primetime. I think we might also get live iterations of Love & Sex Stuff and Oreo Oration (Greg was just talking about the new Fruity Pebble Oreos).

One of the announcements from last year was that Tim and Alfredo would get back to making some of their assorted comedy videos. We haven't seen or heard anything since so perhaps the first one of those will be featured. Additional Danny Shepherd aka Ismahawk has made it known he would be at Kinda Funny Live so maybe we'll see something special from him and the team behind the Minute Match-Ups on YouTube.

My pie-in-the-sky prediction that I don't think at all will come true: the guys come out at the top of the show to their own version of the Aerobics Championships video. The entrances for the debate were a big point of fun for everyone last year so I know they'll do something big but they might keep everyone's intros separate and that seems like it would play more as a group/flash-mob thing.

And then of course there will be the Press Conference, which I get to in a little bit when I predict the Announcements.


Sunday will be the more streamlined Podcast day, obviously from the name. I think we'll see the GameOverGreggy episode being largely a Q & A-style event like last year/pretty much all of their Live Event GOGs. This one will maybe also include some of their special Rooster Teeth guests like Gus Sorola and Burnie Burns. This year I think the Gamescast will follow-suit, with the guys from Achievement Hunter and Funhaus popping in for a bit here and there. Since they try to keep it to a two-man show, I think PS I Love You XOXO will take the night off but I would LOVE to see them do an episode with people like Marty Sliva, Brian Altano, and Andrew Goldfarb popping in. Screw it! I talked myself into it. I'm predicting they'll do all three podcasts.


One of the other teases in today's GOG topic was that they've pretty much been able to get every guest they've gone after. So here are some of the people I think we'll see or hear from:

  • Dave Fennoy - his silky smooth voice kicked off the show last year, he served as the third emcee for the Final Fantasy XV event that Greg and Tim hosted. Dave's voice will absolutely be involved in this show.
  • Troy Baker - as the emcee of last year's Presidential Debate, I think Troy is a safe bet for an appearance this time out. See below.
  • Nolan North - he made a small cameo in the fan-created video last year. My guess would be at some point during the press tour for Uncharted 4 that Nolan and Troy are on (they'll be at the Phoenix Comic-con the week I return), the two got together and recorded some Christopher Walken and Jeff Goldblum again.
  • Danny Shepherd - as mentioned above, I know he's going to be there. And I think maybe he and Tim put something special together. Maybe a special Power Rangers-themed Minute Mash-Up for Tim.
  • MegaRan/Grimecraft - as outlined above, they're also confirmed to be performing so this isn't a prediction so much as a repeat that I think they'll fill the mid-show performance and intermission DJ roles discussed above.
  • Shuhei Yoshida - he has probably Skyped in another introduction to repeat last year's Press Conference kickoff. He might have even recorded it during the same session as his PAXAMANIA debut.
  • Critical Role - the Kinda Funny X Critical Role episode recently was one of the mode widely-lauded episodes in recent memory. I would love to see them in full garb request a rematch of sorts and schedule it as part of either team's Extra-Life stream this year. Who wouldn't want to see the return of Terradon Masterclef, Democrat Obamafan, and Nick the Mage?


The big one.The Press Conference last year announced new shows, Kevin, the Kinda Funny Forums, the Kinda Funny App, T-Shirt Tuesday, etc. So what will we'll see from Kinda Funny Live 2?

  • The Return of T-Shirt Tuesday - with all the insanity surrounding the partnership with Rooster Teeth, I think we'll get an indication that T-Shirt Tuesday will be back, bigger and better than ever.
  • New Merch - With the Kinda Funny store now run by RT, I think we'll get firm news on the hats and sweatshirts that they've been teasing since the partnership. Maybe even plushies of the Animated Show characters.
  • E3 Plans - If I had to guess, I'd say Kinda Funny will be partnering with Gamespot again for E3, a la last year's Gamespot X Kinda Funny second stage experience. Either way, I think Greg will come out and announce the plan for E3.
  • A Conversation with Colin - As mentioned above, I think we see the return of A Conversation with Colin. They already announced that this season will be very politically-focused in honor of the election. So we'll probably get a return date for when those episodes will start up again.
  • T & A Will Never Die...For Realz Tho - As I mentioned above, the big announcement from last year that hasn't panned out was that Tim and Alfredo would be making videos again. It wouldn't surprise me to see Tim call that out and fix it.
  • Kinda Funny Studio - At long last, I think Kinda Funny will announce that they've rented a studio space in town so they can move their productions out of the spare bedroom at Colin and Greg's place. This would be a huge get for them in terms of cutting down on all the time they have to take setting up and tearing down each show. And having been in that room, it's super cramped with all the equipment in there so having an actual workspace would be great.
  • Kinda Funny Studios - maybe following the one-two punch videos last year announcing the Forums and then the Apps, they announce the Kinda Funny Studio and then Kinda Funny Studios where they'll be working on a live-action film of sorts. Kevin and Nick allude to being pulled off of Kinda Funny Live to focus on upcoming projects (that will be announced this weekend) so my guess is that they're referencing some kind of next step from the Animated Show. Perhaps with all of the Kinda Funny family members in attendance, we'll get hints of the "Behind the Music"-esque documentary that occasionally gets thrown out there.
  • Kinda Funny: The Game - much like the App was created by one of the Best Friends, I think we'll get an announcement that somebody has been working on Kinda Funny: The Game. Now I don't know what form this will take. It could be a mobile game. I'm sure they would do everything possible to get it on the Vita. I remember when the first episode of the Animated Series came out, people were excited about the idea of a Kinda Funny Dodgeball game. Perhaps that's been in the works for the past few months alongside the Animated Series.
  • Employee #2 - Definitely the longest shot since I feel like going through their taxes gave them pause on thinking about when they could hire another person and since I feel like I know most of the people who would be the prime candidates and they would have done something to tease that they would be moving to San Francisco for a new opportunity. So rather than announce a new person, maybe they announce that they're finally ready to start the search. Again, I think this is the most far-fetched because I think when they're ready to hire another person, they'll know who they're going for and it probably won't be an open call for applications.


A couple more predictions that don't really fall into any of the above categories.

  • One of the things that was supposed to happen last year was the No Mercy Royal Rumble. That fell apart when they couldn't get the N64 to work. This year, they've mentioned that the event will have "games." One of the other rumors of last year was that there would be a build of Amplitude that never ended up showing. I'm guessing the recent influx of Overwatch ads on the Kinda Funny content might tie-in to there being a bunch of PlayStations set up for private matches at the event that the audience can play before the show or during the intermissions.
  • Lightning Reacts will show up somewhere. Maybe Greg will challenge audience members.
  • There will be giveaways aplenty. I bet a ton of industry people have reached out to the guys with stuff to give away at the event.

I think that about wraps it up. I'm sure I'm wildly off on most of these and Tim and company will completely blow everyone away with a lot of other awesome shenanigans. One thing's for sure: it's gonna be a great week!

If you're going, I can't wait to see/meet you.

If you're not, keep it locked here and live vicariously through me.